HWR Patch Bugs and Issues

Yeah, so if the target ship, in my case a destroyer, is flailing about, the fighters in sphere won’t shoot much at all.

I think @jake5 is mentioning the inability of strikecraft to stay firing on a target in sphere formation if the target moves some. I am not sure of there should be a fix for this or if it was intentional.

I imagine they should continue to stay on target even as the bigger bulkier ships move.

Ships don’t generally fly sideways - so tracking a moving target isn’t ‘no big deal’ - and frankly is a legit counter to somebody trying to lock you down with Sphere. That said, being shelled by Sphere does slow your ship down quite a bit.

Edit: This is actually fixed in the newest patch!

This isn’t a patch-specific bug, but the tutorials are still bugged, in that the speech just keeps going on, and on, not waiting for the player to click the mouse button before it continues.

I would think that this would be a huge barrier-to-entry hurdle for new players, and that it likely has significantly contributed to how many new Homeworld players stuck with HMR after purchasing it. And if wanting to revitalize the player-base for the game, I think that enabling new, or returning players to go over how to play the game is important.

Here’s a Steam thread about the issue:

A workaround of the issue is apparently to enable subtitles, and then the audio doesn’t just keep going off on its own.


I noticed this inability for corvettes with turrets to track targets while in formation. This was in my initial post. It prevents formations from being effective other than straight on attacking, even for turreted ships. It makes formations very vulnerable.

When high resolution is possible it is not so critical, but I have a 1280x1024 monitor and it takes almost half of the screen.

In this state, it is simply impossible to play , I ask the developers to make a function in the menu so that you can turn off the box, or modify them!


Ya, that seems to be a common concern atm.

Will anything be done about the overabundance of resources in the campaign? Currently you get so many that you can easily max out your fleet and have enough RUs to rebuild your entire fleet several times over. It really dumbs down the strategy and ruins the atmosphere when you don’t have to care about preserving your fleet.


These are the black bar’s I was speaking of. Some others online have this same issue in lower resolutions. Thoughts, devs?

It’s tweakable in ui.lua :

muiTwkWidescreenAspect = 2.0 (it’s the width by height ratio)

The thing is that it was already 2.0 before the patch, and even better than that, in the original HW2, I’ve just verified !

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So any player can just make that adjustment for themselves? I know nothing about editing lua files.

This was fixed in the big patch. The person in question probably hasn’t tried the tutorial recently


I can give the steps if you want :

  • extract Homeworld2.big with this for example
  • copy only ui.lua (found in data\ui) into your steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\data\ui folder (you will need to create this folder)
  • you can now delete the folder(s) created during the extraction of Homeworld2.big
  • open your copied ui.lua file with any text editor (notepad is ok, but don’t use word or anything like it, it could destroy the formatting)
  • look for muiTwkWidescreenAspect (line 30) and change its value to your taste (it’s the width/height ratio)
  • add the -overrideBigFile switch to your steam shorcut (right-click on hwRm in steam => properties => General tab => Set launch options…)

And please, don’t be too harsh with the devs with this, it’s been like this like, forever, even on the original HW2 :wink: (it’s not to say that it couldn’t be changed, though)


Thank you. I appreciate it! :grinning:

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I just tried it, and you’re right! That’s great.

Here’s another no-lens-flare pic.


I love it.


HW1R: I do think corvettes are totally useless against frigates in mission 3. I captured 18 Tur corvettes in M2 and built 9 heavys.

Scenario 1: It took all these ships over 60 seconds to kill one frigate. Before I could kill a second one the trays were gone. Assault frigates have way too much armor.

Scenario 2: capture as many as possible before they can do too much damage. Doesn’t work. totally overrun with frigates. 14 salcap corvettes is not enough to stop the assault. You need to be able to capture all frigates in one go. Cap is too small.

I do think not enough time was devoted to HW1R SP and balance. Fleet scaling does need to be reigned in some what. SalCap unit cap is too small.


How many enemy frigates attacked you? During my two attempts the other day (both successful with 4 and 6 Cryotrays saved respectively), I only faced four enemy frigates.

Few observations of discrepancies & eventually bugs:

In numerous ai test runs including some mp games I noticed that:

  • There’s a bad LOD in place on Taiidan side for their Harvester
    controller or harvester. Whenever a harvester docks on it while you’re
    zoomed out mid to very far range you can see the harvester sticking half
    outside the res controller. But only on a far zoom stage. If you’re
    zoomed in close proximity it’s perfect.

  • Formations can sometimes bug out. Example: Only the squadron
    leader is firing while the rest of the squadron just flies along side
    but wont engage (well within firing range & arc.)

  • Often on “Defensive & aggressive mode” fighters fly
    their approaches so tight that they fire like 2 or 3 shots before
    evading enemies for their next flyby. Might need a slight range buff for
    their attack patterns.

  • I feel that the general accuracy of fighters could need a slight
    buff up for every faction. It’s funny watching a squadron of 20 fighters
    claiming only 1 kill of an enemy 5 unit Squadron during each flyby.
    Guess it was a little overdone regarding “missing shots”.

  • Hiigaran Flak frigates should give slightly lesser damage
    eventually. Perhaps by 2% to 5% giving opposing fighters a little
    chance. (In vast numbers the ai spams fighters are hopelessly
    useless,corvettes included) This is just a feeling I don’t know the
    exact numbers and values behind it. For all I know it might be fine the
    way it is.

  • HW1 Multigun corvettes (at least Taiidan) are having a weird
    response delay of around 3 seconds longer than any remaining faction
    unit in game. Should get fixed.

  • BC’s anti fighter accuracy seems to good. They never seem to
    miss. I would either slightly reduce the damage they give or lower their
    accuracy a little bit. I attacked with 3 larger formations consisting
    of corvettes and bombers and they all lost against 1 lonely Hiigaran BC.
    This can’t be right.

  • 1st Mission Hw1 campaign: Mission objectives to build a research unit
    the specific research seem to be scrapped. Audio lines for these events are
    not available. Same goes to the successful salvage op of the target drone.
    There used to be voice lines referring to it. Might be possible that
    this was scrapped on purpose to shorten the tutorial sequence.

Suggestion: Either fix it to bring it back to original
standards or add a little text note that people shall press “O” after
the successful salvage operation of the target drone. New comers might
wonder why things aren’t progressing otherwise.

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The mission didn’t just progress by itself for you? I didn’t notice any problems when I did it on Tuesday.