HWR Patch Bugs and Issues

(Snake_B5) #41

I can give the steps if you want :

  • extract Homeworld2.big with this for example
  • copy only ui.lua (found in data\ui) into your steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\data\ui folder (you will need to create this folder)
  • you can now delete the folder(s) created during the extraction of Homeworld2.big
  • open your copied ui.lua file with any text editor (notepad is ok, but don't use word or anything like it, it could destroy the formatting)
  • look for muiTwkWidescreenAspect (line 30) and change its value to your taste (it's the width/height ratio)
  • add the -overrideBigFile switch to your steam shorcut (right-click on hwRm in steam => properties => General tab => Set launch options...)

And please, don't be too harsh with the devs with this, it's been like this like, forever, even on the original HW2 :wink: (it's not to say that it couldn't be changed, though)

(omniconsumer) #42

Thank you. I appreciate it! :grinning:

(Snake_B5) #43

you're welcome :slight_smile:

(Delicieuxz) #44

I just tried it, and you're right! That's great.

Here's another no-lens-flare pic.


I love it.

(Herbyguitar) #45

HW1R: I do think corvettes are totally useless against frigates in mission 3. I captured 18 Tur corvettes in M2 and built 9 heavys.

Scenario 1: It took all these ships over 60 seconds to kill one frigate. Before I could kill a second one the trays were gone. Assault frigates have way too much armor.

Scenario 2: capture as many as possible before they can do too much damage. Doesn't work. totally overrun with frigates. 14 salcap corvettes is not enough to stop the assault. You need to be able to capture all frigates in one go. Cap is too small.

I do think not enough time was devoted to HW1R SP and balance. Fleet scaling does need to be reigned in some what. SalCap unit cap is too small.

(Migz-DH) #46

How many enemy frigates attacked you? During my two attempts the other day (both successful with 4 and 6 Cryotrays saved respectively), I only faced four enemy frigates.

(Goose3) #47

Few observations of discrepancies & eventually bugs:

In numerous ai test runs including some mp games I noticed that:

  • There's a bad LOD in place on Taiidan side for their Harvester
    controller or harvester. Whenever a harvester docks on it while you're
    zoomed out mid to very far range you can see the harvester sticking half
    outside the res controller. But only on a far zoom stage. If you're
    zoomed in close proximity it's perfect.

  • Formations can sometimes bug out. Example: Only the squadron
    leader is firing while the rest of the squadron just flies along side
    but wont engage (well within firing range & arc.)

  • Often on "Defensive & aggressive mode" fighters fly
    their approaches so tight that they fire like 2 or 3 shots before
    evading enemies for their next flyby. Might need a slight range buff for
    their attack patterns.

  • I feel that the general accuracy of fighters could need a slight
    buff up for every faction. It's funny watching a squadron of 20 fighters
    claiming only 1 kill of an enemy 5 unit Squadron during each flyby.
    Guess it was a little overdone regarding "missing shots".

  • Hiigaran Flak frigates should give slightly lesser damage
    eventually. Perhaps by 2% to 5% giving opposing fighters a little
    chance. (In vast numbers the ai spams fighters are hopelessly
    useless,corvettes included) This is just a feeling I don't know the
    exact numbers and values behind it. For all I know it might be fine the
    way it is.

  • HW1 Multigun corvettes (at least Taiidan) are having a weird
    response delay of around 3 seconds longer than any remaining faction
    unit in game. Should get fixed.

  • BC's anti fighter accuracy seems to good. They never seem to
    miss. I would either slightly reduce the damage they give or lower their
    accuracy a little bit. I attacked with 3 larger formations consisting
    of corvettes and bombers and they all lost against 1 lonely Hiigaran BC.
    This can't be right.

  • 1st Mission Hw1 campaign: Mission objectives to build a research unit
    the specific research seem to be scrapped. Audio lines for these events are
    not available. Same goes to the successful salvage op of the target drone.
    There used to be voice lines referring to it. Might be possible that
    this was scrapped on purpose to shorten the tutorial sequence.

Suggestion: Either fix it to bring it back to original
standards or add a little text note that people shall press "O" after
the successful salvage operation of the target drone. New comers might
wonder why things aren't progressing otherwise.

(Migz-DH) #48

The mission didn't just progress by itself for you? I didn't notice any problems when I did it on Tuesday.

(Herbyguitar) #49

I had 8 frigates. Not a big problem if you have enough SalCaps but the game only allows 14.

This is only an issue if you wind up with more ships than the game wants you to have. It's not just limited to mission 3. So, I can't play the game with my style of play nor to my potential. I have to play within the limited, predefined rules...

This applies to both HW1R SP and HW2R SP. With my playing style, playing both games, It was impossible to finish either game (lord knows I tried). The 'final' level of both games (stock) made it impossible to win. This I've noticed in both games since 1st release and still persists.

1) The (stock) game (last mission) should not be impossible to win no matter what style of play is used. I shouldn't have to nerf my fleet just to win.

2) Unit caps should not prevent you from completing a level. I shouldn't have to nerf my fleet because of a unit cap/scaling issue.

(Wearwolf) #50

Are you referring to the fleet difficulty scaling?

If so then it's not so much an issue of play style and more an issue of timing. Due to the auto-gathering of resources, HW2 assumes people will jump immediately after finishing all objectives and then rebuild their fleet at the start of the next mission. So the auto-scaling, at least from my experience, assumes your starting fleet is what survived the last mission. If you have a big fleet it's because you were very strategic and managed to get them through the entire mission and therefore are good to face a large force in the next mission.

If you follow that procedure of build ships, do mission, end mission, build ships you should be fine.

(Herbyguitar) #51

It doesn't work that way for the very last mission of both games. You can reach a point where it is impossible to win. If you exceed a certain limit you will not be able to finish. Not very many people can achieve this so I can see where it would be overlooked.

(Wearwolf) #52

What do you mean by "exceed a certain limit"?

(aka LightBRz) #53

Salvaging too many ships

(BitVenom) #54

From day one we should have put limits on Salavage count to properly constrain the 'expected scale' of units brought in to any given mission. The vast range over-salvaging creates in terms of potential mission-start units is way, way too much for a tightly tweaked mission feel. I firmly consider unconstrained salvage to be an exploit/abuse. I'd have been happier for the unit cap to be honored at mission end. Meaning, if you had to transit to the next level, and your salvage units put you over cap, they'd be left behind.

(Pandorazero) #55

What are these artifacts? Developers mess LOD?

Patch 2.0 - Reactions!
(Migz-DH) #56

Doing so would be a massive departure from how HW1 played, but I actually agree with your underlying premise, because capturing ships as easily as it's possible to do in these games can lead to unrealistically huge fleets.

Unfortunately, I suspect you'd have a rebellion on your hands. haha

(Herbyguitar) #57

That doers make sense, actually. The fleet only has a set amount of resources in man power. So, it does make sense that if you exceed the cap your ships would be left behind. You would have to train new crews for them and it would take time, which you supposedly don't have.

What about the ability to retire enemy ships during the level you play? There should be 'some' reward for capturing the enemy...

This approach would not fix HW1R level 3 though...

(Omega731) #58

So Another Hot Fix and a fresh testing run.

Texture Glitch involving a captured Taidan Destroyer

(my Team color base is Grey with Orange stripe)
enemy team colors were Default Taidan

Possible? Glitch with Kushan Destroyer Ion Turrets team stripe...
Same Team colors referenced above.

Screenshot of Reported Resource Collector Stuck glitch.
screen taken after giving dock and move orders to attempt to get it moving.

also @BitVenom thanks for forwarding the bug i posted in the main 2.0 patch discussion.

EDIT: switched factions around and same issue cropped up

if i remember from the patch notes this might be due to ship turret instancing. i guess the instanced turret textures are not getting updated on capture.

(Goose3) #59

It does but only when you fulfill all 3 objectives given at the time.

Anyway I just rechecked and it's exactly as it used to be in Hw1 vanilla. I must have memorized it wrong. In fact the objectives get visible once they are first mentioned at the very beginning of the mission after the mothership left the scaffold. For some reason I imagined some voice lines that never seemed to have existed not even before.. ^^ I'm getting old.

(Drahkas) #60

I completely agree about the final missions. In HW1 I had to retire half of my fleet and replace 10 of my frigates with support frigates just to survive the first 2 minutes.
I had zero salvaged ships.

Then I rebuilt my ships and murdered the enemy fleets because they were spawning ships based on my initial fleet.