HWR Patch Bugs and Issues

(Hell_Diguner) #61

When did people change the shorthand? Everybody on RNF called them Salvettes.

(Alpha 1) #62

I have confirmed that the research dies even when another is attached. So if you start attacking a research ship and continue until the next one attaches, they all die now. I could have sworn that before this patch you only lost the one that lost all its health. Am I mistaken or did this get overlooked/reverted? It is pretty crappy to not have each research ship have its own health if you can't boost the health of the whole ship.

(BitVenom) #63

This is indeed bad, we'll look into it. The first patch was done FAAAAST (Some of us switched back to near 24-hour dev cycle, didn't sleep). This weekend is about recovery, mending marriages, etc :wink:

(El Rizzo) #64

I think we all agree that and you and the other people working on the 2.0 patch and 2.1 more than deserve a break :wink: so take as much time as you need to recuperate :smile:

(Snake_B5) #65

I couldn't agree more !

(BitVenom) #66

This is indeed far too much - so it is on my very short 'fix' list. I can say honestly that the next patch won't be coming super fast - unless some terrible exploit is found...

(Snake_B5) #67

I gave them a temporary solution here for that in the meantime. It's far from perfect and you need to extract homeworld2.big and edit a lua file, but it's at least a solution for this extreme case.

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #68

Maybe you can upload that simple fix to workshop as a mod.

(Snake_B5) #69

not really, because it's a case by case scenario unfortunately. It depends of your screen ratio :confused:

(Alpha 1) #70

I would also like to mention that multi-gun corvettes are almost useless right now, they do almost no damage to fighters despite that being their primary role. It seems a gravwell and frigates are the swarm answer at this point and with gravwells having such a short life they are not a viable counter.

(Sandy D) #71

I have a decent laptop for playing HWR when not at home. With graphics set medium I was able to play 6 player with 5 AI and everything ran fluid and flawlessly. No slowdowns at all no matter how many ships in the game.

Now it starts lagging out after 5-10 minutes of game play. The frame rate stays virtually the same but everything slows down. That's an indication the CPU is getting overloaded. Makes me wonder if they stopped using multiple CPU's and went back to using just one and I have a quad core.

Yes, I consider this a bug as it has made playing the game with multiple players a huge pain. Did they compile this patch without multiple cpu support?

Honestly at this point I want to roll back the patch on my laptop. :frowning:

(BitVenom) #72

Homeworld has never used multiple CPUs/cores. The engine game runs on a single thread, and that really can't be changed (15 years ago that wasn't a common thing to design for). It does use multiple cores for a few smaller things (audio, fx updates) - but the display and simulation are all on a single core.

If you are trying to suggest that the FPS is 'the same' but things slow down - I honestly don't even know what that means... as the simulation isn't going to lag unless the FPS drops below 20 (the update rate of the simulation).

(Herbyguitar) #73

I've noticed the same thing but it's not only confined to multiguns. All (turreted) corvettes have this problem and of targeting multiple targets as well, which makes multiple turrets on any ship redundant.

(Sandy D) #74

You can have the FPS stay stable but the actions in the game slow down. The more calculations the CPU has to perform on ship locations, ballistics, movement and many other things on a single thread CAN slow the game without impacting the frame rate.

Something has very much changed in how the game is running now to cause this. I am not the only one who has noticed this problem since the patch was released. The game is stressing the CPU a lot more than before the patch and sadly it looks like no one checked to see how badly this happens.

On my desktop it is not a problem as I have one hell of a CPU. It is just sad that the patch basically hosed 5-6 player AI games for me on my quad core laptop. Everything was GREAT before the patch and I really wish I could go back.


A major balance issue has been unearthed. The vaygr fighter limit, at 108, is overpowered compared to their counterparts, not because of the assault craft fighters, but because of the team diplomacy with passing ships. At a typical value of 70 fighters (14 higg squadrons), the vaygr can get 110 (22 squadrons), as full squadrons can be passed, thus the extra 38 +2, a maximum of 40 more total. This can occur with corvettes as well, with another 4 or 3 squads. Please check into it, thanks!

(EwokSithLord) #76

The campaign for both games gives far too many resources. You get so many from the auto collect at the end of missions that you cannot possibly use all of your resources. This really needs to be looked into since it ruins the feel of the campaign.

(A Future Pilot) #77

In the GOG stream just now, the Bentusi never said their last line before hyperspacing out on mission 4 with patch 2.1.

(Goose3) #78

@gearbox @bitvenom

Just replayed the Hw1 remastered campaign in the latest patch 2.1 and I will write about things I noticed while playing in comparison to vanilla:

Mission1: I had it once that 2 harvesters got stuck on 2 very close asteroids to each other.
Suggestion: Check for those 2 asteroids (the closest to another another , there are only 2 and put em little further ahead of one another.)

Mission X: Turranic Raider Ion Frigates lack their cloaking ability when captured (disregard that it was in Cataclysm). Furthermore once captured they don't play their proper firing animation when firing. That means opening their wings while engaging. Please fix that.

Missions Garden of Kadesh & Cathedral of Kadesh: During those 2 missions I've seen it numerous times that like 20+ fighters just sat next to their motherships doing nothing. Basically a similar situation that others have posted screenshots about of AI skirmish matches. It's clear that some scripts don't execute properly or get overlooked during gameplay. Refueling scripts for the ai fighters also barely worked as intended though it clearly was better than before v2.0.

Last Homeworld1 Mission: Still far to easy. This is the last mission of the game and I'm serious about it that this should also be the hardest mission of the game! Enemy fleet reinforcements are off time and therefore making this final mission like a walk in the walk. I do understand that you lowered difficulty and that this is also a sacrifice which was being made during incorporation processes into the hw2 engine. In all honesty the whole campaign lacks difficulty compared to the original. Considering that players can no longer cap unlimited numbers of enemy ships you would actually assume that it's x10 harder but it's not. In fact it's x5 times easier than in vanilla. Investigate and at least fix the timer regarding enemy reinforcements in the final mission. 1 final fleet spawn is still missing to this very point since release- unacceptable.

General game thing both for SP and MP: The Hw1 faction cloaking abilities are a joke compared to what they used to be in vanilla Homeworld1. Granted in it's original form it's significant over Homeworld2 factions they do however got their own little toys to play with for example the Platforms which can be used in an offensive manner.
Just 2 days ago I had a guy tried to rush me with 20 Ion beam Platforms and my Mothership barely made it out. So I'd like to ask to restore Cloaking abilities (including the Kushan fighters) to their former glory. It just adds additional significant strategies to the game and the different factions. It would also make proximity sensors very well once more important again.

Other than that good work. I didn't encounter anything else that would cause for alarm. You're close on reaching perfection here.

(Hell_Diguner) #79

Ion Array Frigates could only cloak in Cataclysm

(Goose3) #80

Yap just rechecked you're right it was in Cataclysm my apologies.