HWR Patch Bugs and Issues


That's always been the case. It adds depth and like CryCoh suggested, it adds strategy.

(AotrsCommander) #103

Gardens of Kadesh mission is definitely a bit buggy. I got through it by NOT attacking the enemy capital ship. One VERY annoying thing was that, after you trigger the first hyperspace jump, all your ships launch, even if you have the on "stay docked." I'd just finished when something went odd as I went to save and it ended up restarting the level. (sigh)

The enemy fighter behavior is odd, I don't know if there's something about loading a save refreshes their endurance, since I had to abort trying to reload part way through since either a) the enemy fighters now killed all my ships that wouldn't stay out of the fighting (immediately targeting and destroying my salvage corvettes) or b) if I left the hyperspace, the enemy ship jumped out preventing me from getting the multicun corvette trigger. I had to go back and do the mission for a THIRD time...

Having got the multigun corvettes... They seem to be largely useless, dying horribly to the enemy fighters in the next mission. My drone frigates were far more use!

I was also unable to salvage any multibeam corvettes, as once more, if my salvage corvettes so much as showed their noses, they were wiped out by the enemy fighters jumping on them to the exclusion of anything else.

(Migz-DH) #104

Ya, I didn't get the trigger to research multi-gun corvettes either.
Edit: Thankfully, adding that research to the persist file isn't very difficult.

(Herbyguitar) #105

I posted this to a private thread. I thought it might be useful here:

Balancing with absolutes:

We start with an absolute that never changes. Pick a unit in the middle that is working correctly. ie. 'Assault Frigate'. Determine every aspect of this unit (armor, cost, time, weapons, effectiveness, ineffectiveness, speed, maneuverability... and assign a numeric value to every aspect. Since every aspect has a set value you know exactly how to tweak other units without over complicating the process. You now have a single balanced unit to use for an absolute reference.

We can start simply by using the dimensions of each unit as a base line value ie: LxW. Everything is built on this reference. As you scale the ship up or down for other units such as cruisers or fighters you also scale similar values (mass, armor). Each gun, turret, weapon is worth something and that worth translates into cost. Each different race weapon has its own different signature and each signature is identical to all other like weapons. In other words, every similar weapon, regardless of the unit it's on, has the same values. Many units will not be weapon tweakable without tweaking all other like weapons on other ships. Since these weapons are set in their values other changes will need to be done to balance units and the more values we lock into place like this, the easier it gets.

Some units will have values that cannot be duplicated on other units ie: EMP or cloak. These values also need their worth calculated. Once the system is established balancing is completely focused and purposeful.

Now we have absolute values we can build upon. Never change a single units numeric values without compensating other numeric values. The more absolutes we lock in (turrets, size, etc) the less there is to do.

This example is similar to the tuning sheet used for Star Trek Continuum.

(EwokSithLord) #106

There's a 20 unit limit for cloaked fighters because they are superior to regular interceptors. If one player built 70 cloaked fighters and another non-kushan built 70 interceptors, the interceptors would always lose.

(EwokSithLord) #107

The original game was also not designed with auto harvesting in mind, among other things. I think what we can safely say is that the resource amounts need to be looked at and reduced to fit the spirit of the original game better.


I'm not arguing the 20 unit limit, but rather support it (last line in the cloaked fighter segment). Rather, not many seem to find significance to them as a unit, and they (fighters) don't play their role quite right... yet. In ten or so tests I've done against opposing interceptors, personally I found there not the be an upper hand for these guys, as even numbers or losses, with maybe one fighter or two being left over from either faction, were a common trend. The battle cloak function as seen in the original is not present, which could very well 'fix' or ruin balance, so tests do need to be conducted. To claim they are "superior" does not seem fit based on personal tests, however, it is worth noting that a first strike is possible, though the speed of the interceptors allow them to bounce back quickly. If any are willing, do look into the cloaked fighters and post some results! I'd rather know by evidence that they do or do not fulfill their role.

Jake5, is there any specific way that cloaked fighters excel at that you've found, so they I can have a look and see if I'm missing something? Thanks for the input.

Calling somebody to support or discredit these results/thoughts otherwise!

(Migz-DH) #109

I'm pretty sure I just watched my own missile destroyer blow up one of my salvage corvettes which was towing a Taiidan Heavy Cruiser. The missiles might have been aimed at the Cruiser while it was being towed past the Missile Destroyer, but a Salvage Corvette took the damage. The Cruiser had been captured by the corvettes about 30 seconds earlier.

By the time I realized what was going on, the enemy Frigates my Missile Destroyers were supposed to be shooting at were dead, and they'd stopped firing, so I couldn't record it.

(omniconsumer) #110


(Garyclarkwuji) #111

"Friendly Fire, Fog of War"... Realism :slight_smile:

(Migz-DH) #112

No, the Missile Destroyers were pointed screen right, ostensibly firing at a group of Frigates which were over there. The Heavy Cruiser was between the Missile Destroyers and the camera moving screen left. It wasn't in the line of fire between the Missile Destroyers and the Frigates.

What clued me in that something odd was going on was that the missiles were firing forward from the Missile Cruiser and then banking around hard to hit the Heavy Cruiser.

(omniconsumer) #113

I would say keep a look out for it again or try to reproduce it.


Hm. Do you remember if the target frigate/ship was killed or not? Missiles have a redirect feature, so if their initial target is volleyed to dust, they can still do damage to something. My guess is that the target died after the launch of that missile, which then redirected into the cruiser hitting the salvage corvette. I've had accidental friendly fire happen a few times, but not with missiles.

(Migz-DH) #115

That is entirely possible.

(Herbyguitar) #116

.... gone fishing ....

(Migz-DH) #117

Similarly to what I mentioned above, here's a screenshot of one of my Heavy Cruisers (middle bottom of frame) doing a flyby shooting of a Heavy Cruiser I'm in the middle of capturing.

It continued to fire until out of weapons range.

(Force User) #118

Was your HC set to aggressive? Might be worth seeing if it does this when set to defensive or passive.


My ships have always been very respectful of capture operations when set to defensive stance. Make sure it wasn't set to aggressive, as stated above.

(EwokSithLord) #120

Damn, 37k resources and a maxed out fleet. The RUs really need to be adjusted in the campaign. That's so many that you could lose your entire fleet several times over and rebuild it. I remember harvesting every resource in the original and I would never have that much at the end.

(Migz-DH) #122

Yes, in that mission, I had all of my frigates and capital ships set to aggressive.
That shouldn't make a difference though, because while those ships are under the power of my corvettes or the Mothership, they're effectively mine, so my own ships shouldn't be taking pot shots at them regardless of how aggressive the captain is.

Ya, and I never sent out my collectors to harvest during missions after the 5th one either. I just kept them at home and let the game auto-collect for me. (Well, other than the final mission. I moved them away from the Mothership, because they were in the way of my repair ships.)