HWR Patch Bugs and Issues

(Goose3) #124

To true in fact in the mission with the Taiidan Supernova Research station I lost indeed everything but 1 frigate and 2 destroyer. But once I jumped out I was back to close 40k so no big deal. The careful play style and consolidation of your forces you had in HW1 vanilla ain't present in the remastered version. It's just a grinder fest.

Campaign gives too many resources
(Force User) #125

You know what I remember from back in the day? I remember, after beating a mission setting my harvesters to harvest with controllers guarding them and leaving the PC running for an hour or two. I ended up with the same resources as now, give or take. I always had way more resources than I ever needed.

Also take into consideration the 500 000+ other players who may not be as good as us vets, who actually do find the game relatively difficult and who needs those resources to actually finish the game. This HAS to be in the game because of the persistent fleet mechanic. Under no circumstances should the resources be lowered, at least not in HW1. Consider that there are other people playing the game that isn't us vets.

(Migz-DH) #126

Ya, I'm not a big fan of arbitrarily reducing the amount of resources or eliminating the auto-collect feature. If the amount was to be reduced, I'd definitely want a lot of people testing it first. And, the auto-collect idea is awesome for exactly the reason you mentioned... adding extra hours after the battles are over to harvest resources sucks.

I'm not against reducing the efficiency of the auto-collect though.

(EwokSithLord) #127

The thing is, the resources are way higher than they were in the original game. To a ridiculous degree. The original game was beatable with limited resources. No one needs 40k+ resources. It's not even remotely possible to use all of that.

Though after doing some testing, I do think auto collect is a good thing. The problem is there are too many resources on the map so that at the end of missions you end up with ridiculous amounts of resources. The 5th mission has over 20k resources on it. That's enough to build 25 assault frigates. Later missions give upwards of 40k, enough for even more. Reducing the resources isn't catering to the hard core crowd, and new players can easily get by with fewer RUs.

I'm not sure if you've played the RM version of HW1. The RU amounts truly are insane. Several orders of magnitude greater than the original. It starts taking off around the 4th mission.

I'm currently creating a mod to adjust the RU amounts. I've played through up to the third mission and it seems good so far.

(Force User) #128

I've played through HW1RM 4 times now. Once where I salvaged everything moving, twice without salvaging a single ship. The last playthrough was with the 2.1 patch. I tried to minimise reloading on the last playthrough (ironman-ish mode) There was a couple of times where I was glad for the extra resources and where I had to harvest in mission, even late into the campaign.

Again, consider that there are people that are much, much worse at the game than you and me.

Besides modding is always an option, more so after each patch with this game.

(EwokSithLord) #129

Even if you are much much worse, it's still impossible to use 40k+ RUs. And that's not how it was in the original. It should be changed to be like the original game. Right now it's fairly broken.

(Force User) #130

I started Bridge of sighs with only 14k RUs and my fleet was not at max.

I appreciate the point you are trying to make but lying works counter to people respecting what you are saying. Total cost of Strikecraft + Corvettes + Frigs alone is 40k RUs. The Destroyers + HCs is another 27.5k RU NOT counting utility ships or Carriers.

(EwokSithLord) #132

For it to be like the original, at the end of every mission you should be able to use up all of your RUs and still not have a maxed out fleet.

(Nikoli) #133

One thing that I certainly had forgotten and recently realized was that, even at the time, homeworld 1 was HARD. I remember being stuck on kathedral of kadesh for weeks the first time through (not playing every day) and only after reloading to the previous missions and re-doing them better a few times was I able to beat it. Same thing happened with karos graveyard. While I would love to experience that extreme difficulty and importance of preserving every precious ship again in RM, I understand that there are less experienced players, and that single player games tend to be a little more forgiving these days. So unless there is a way for the devs to add a difficulty option, I think a mod that gives the veterans that experience again, independent of the vanilla community, would be the best option, although I would definitively support a reduction in auto-collect efficiency. Just my thoughts.

(AotrsCommander) #134

Has anyone managed to capture the multibeam frigates in the Cathdral of Kadesh since 2.0/2.1?

I went back to try that mission again (after disposing of some of my forces), but the swarmers (and the alien mothership) appear to attack salvagers in priority to everything else and they kill them so fast that even six or so salvagers die before I can even grab one. As I have yet to find an adequate (fast) countermeasure - since multigun corvettes seem to be largely useless at the moment (I built some in the last mission, thet almost immediately died to the swarmers), I am not sure if this is even possible at the moment - which is why I'm asking more veteran players.

(I'm just going to abandon the idea of capturing them myself for the present and move on with the game.)

(Sinhosie) #135

@Dev team,

Dont know if this is a bug or intentional with the latest update there is a hard unit cap limit at 250 when playing a multiplayer game. If there is another way to remove the cap please let us know where it can be done from. Can this hard cap please be removed.

Is there anyway these rules can be added to the game maybe hide the options and add a command for example -extrarules to steam command line or by shortcut to have the unlimited unit cap show in the game options. Another option that would be cool is to increase the ammount of RU asteroid's have maybe almost an unlimited option. This way we don't have to rely on someone to update their mod, also it will be compatible with many mods if these rules exist as part of the main rules. These rules can be hidden from those who's computer cant handle unlimited unit cap just an example.

Be nice if the Gearbox devs can step up to the plate that would be nice.

Before 2.0 update:

After 2.0 update:

Thank You...

(Drahkas) #136

I managed to capture about 80% of the multibeam frigates sent against me.
My first attempt at the mission was a disaster, with my whole fighter/corvette fleet being wiped out very quickly, so I docked them until about half way through. With all the new targets for the swarmers I only lost 1 or 2 salvage corvettes... then all of my fighters/corvettes were obliterated again.

So it's possible, if you're going to lose your fighters anyway you might as well time it so you get some multibeams in the process. :smiley:

(Migz-DH) #137

In HW2R, has anyone had formations of ships sink unexpectedly?

As in, you either tell them to not move or to move somewhere specific, but instead they just sink downwards. If not, I have a pretty good video of the behavior which I can post in a separate bug report. However, if that's a known issue, I won't bother.

(AotrsCommander) #138

Right. Hmm. I've more or less stopped using corvettes (since they go down so fast - plus I'm trying to not go bonkers with the scaling problems...) aside from salvage (and of mission 9, repair again), and have been relying on drone frigates and just the general hardness of frigates and destroyers*.

I snagged one on the next mission though, so there's that.

*Tangentially: sort of at the point now where I'm hitting the caps with those, though. (Do carriers increase the cap? If not I'm sort of at a loss why you'd have a imit of four when you can more or less fit your entire cap's worth of stuff in just two.)

(Force User) #139

I've found my corvettes to usually be the most robust of all my ships. Equal mix of multi gun and Heavy all in one group set to X formation. They definitely last longer than my fighters/bombers/defenders.

(Luky31) #140

HWR patch 2.0 is great, but one think is for me very annoying. Kushan corvettes are useless against fighters. When they attack, they are on on place and firing like platform and miss very often.

(AotrsCommander) #141

Okay, having now finished HM1RM (bar stand-alone): difficulty scaling seems alright aside from mission 3; that was the only one in the end I had to scrap everything for[1]. By the last mission, I ended up with 9 destroyers, 8 missile destroyers, 9 heavy cruisers (all of the last two captured, I captured to my limit long before I actually got the tech to build my own). Couple of places in the protect missions, it seemed a bit touch and go, but then again I was focussing a bit on capturing, rather than destroying enemy capitals.

It is just me or are cloaks basically useless in SP? I tried with cloaked fighters a couple of times, but they never seemed to actually be hidden. (Lack of an icon indicating whether cloak is active or not doesn't help, either.)

[1]And if I had built up to my limit of salvage corvettes, I might have actually done better with that in hindsight.


Another bug has been discovered in the lobby chat.

When looking to chat, and getting exited and long-winded (holding down a single button for what seems to be a lobby eternity) with a single line, the game crashes. A few have tested it, and one by one, they 'left the room'.

It was brought to my attention that repair corvettes make shooting noises when healing, and that pulsars still have no fire sound (mentioned above... somewhere). I don't know to much about the repair corvettes... could someone test them out?

(Nikoli) #143

In addition to the shooting sounds, repair corvettes create red combat blips in the sensors manager, and trigger battle music. It seems to me that their repair beam functions like an ion beam with a limited fire time, and makes the shooting sound when it restarts its shooting cycle.

(BitVenom) #144

Go make a topic about this in the MP beta area - and we can add it to the changelog for the patch_preview builds...

Frankly - do that for anything.

I'll assign them numbers and work them into an updated build - then people can confirm they are happy, and everyone wins :wink: