HWR Screenshot Thread

I have HDR bloom and motion blur disabled for my games. Probably makes for less of a cinematic screenshot, but I enjoy the definition and details.

Plus, you can take some images, turn them black and white, and they look pretty awesome.

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This game really is distressingly beautiful.

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Should make movie from it.

Personally I’d much rather prefer a novel with HW:R screenshots

Edit: Or comic!

That would be cool. But I want to see the story of Homeworld with the visuals of Juptier Ascending (that movie was terrible but the cgi was impressive). Imagine the intro to HW1 with Hollywood level rendering and voice acting in 5.1.

Would definitely get Paul Ruskay as soundtrack composer and Rob Cunningham as creative director.
Though games turned into movies almost always suck, I’m not holding out on Assassin’s Creed.

It’s a nice dream but game stories rarely if ever translate well into movies.

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I can agree on that.

Sadly this is true :confused: and especially for a slower paced story such as that of Homeworld, there simply wouldn’t be enough time in a 2 hour movie to fully tell such a story (or even part of it). This is especially true for modern movies with their high speed pacing and fast cuts, it would destroy the atmosphere of Homeworld completely (in my opinion at least).

I want it done LOTR style, story comes first.

We all know that it’s similar to Battlestar Galactica. And you know how that looked and felt, it was really good. But yes, that was a series, not a film.

Yeah a TV series would be cool. Though it might come off as cheesy if done improperly