HWRC 6/9 Update Adds Raider Retreat Mission, Global Chat Lobbies & More

An update is rolling out for Homeworld Remastered Collection on June 9, 2015 that adds the long-lost mission Raider Retreat, global multiplayer chat lobbies, among other changes! Details on this update can be found at the link below:

After updating your game, the Raider Retreat mission can be accessed through the new “Extra Missions” menu. This new menu will also act as a hub for accessing user-generated custom campaign missions.

For help or support with Homeworld Remastered Collection or SHiFT, visit support.gearboxsoftware.com.


I’m happy that we’re getting updates, but I would have thought that the priority for the team working on HW Remastered would be to sort the problems of balance and trying to bring the HW1 Remastered campaign in line with the Classic edition, as it’s still not the same experience for me in any way and it prevents me even considering trying out this extra mission that’s been added.

Can we get an assurance that Raider’s Retreat will not make use of the horrible scaler? If it will, will we get an assurance that bugs will be fixed? It was removed on the basis of difficulty (afaik, can’t find anything on the 'net about the release of the mission originally), so I hope that people won’t be disappointed because it’s too difficult :confused:

My understanding was always that the mission was cut for story pacing reasons. It’d go right next to the mission where you fight the imperial carrier group, so it’s just a bit redundant.

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That’s one of the reasons I’ve seen circling around. The Homeworld Wiki seems to indicate that one of three reasons were the reason it was removed:

  • The devs felt 16 missions were appropriate.
  • It had nothing to do with the story.
  • Beta testers claimed it was too hard.

But no idea which reason is the truth, or if even these reasons are correct.

Still the priority. Everyone on the team who can contribute to the balance updates are doing so. The devs who helped with the new content and features for this patch have different specializations. :smile:

Stay tuned for the Balance update mod. This patch also has some features squirreled away that are vital for it to work. When that becomes public, we will let you know what those are.






Okay, good to hear that. I’ll be watching each update to see when the game may become playable again :smiley:

■■■■, you guys trolled us so hard about the lobby, I were seriously sad about it, but anyway, thank you very much for listening to us, my hope is back.


Ha! I called it.

Please, if possible, refer to community mod patch. Practically all the work has been done :smile:

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What does that mean exactly?

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HI @Burly and everyone at Gearbox, thanks for your support, this new update and for the unexpected new content.

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Went on to see the lobby system. Hmm didnt bitvenom go on about how meaningless it was… lol.

18 ppl on, 1 person replied with a hello a dev on and no games with filter set to world wide and just me talking.

True its 3:30am UK time but meh id have expected to see a few games being hosted or “in progress” which i hope u can see if u wanted to showing whos in that game incase u were suppose to meet someone but they went ingame and u dont wana hang around untill hes done playing so leave for a hour. Then hopefully hes back in lobby chat?

Hmm how do you have a private chat or find out info like clan affiliation maybe, i tried right clicking on someone holding shift etc, nothing did anything. Needs to be able to have private chat in the lobby i think. For clans to talk to clan only ppl while in lobby. To talk about game hosting etc.

Edit - So few more ppl come on and talk, i say theres no games and then i hit refresh so ok theres a game up, with 1 person, i wonder if its gona fill so wait a few sec, the hosted game number of ppl in doesnt update so i hit refresh and theres 2 in and another game hosted. Are you kidding me. You have to manually hit refresh every second to see a change in real time. I know the refreshing was annoying last time the first time the game came out but could you not have made it so the whole screen didnt refresh all the time and just the actual relavent info would instead that or have a 10sec delay of refreshing. I mean come on if the info isnt showing its no use for ppl to have a mp game if a hosted game isnt showing in real time like other servers which ill just pick medal of honor spearhead for example.

Please do something about that please.

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@Jeffybug Any clarification on what this entails?

Signed in to see the lobby last night. @Burly, it’s perfect for what we need. I’m sure some improvements will be suggested, but what is there is more than enough to get the job done. Bravo!

I particularly like that you can see the games hosted while on the same chat screen, this is an improvement over the WON lobby. The tabs for game lobby and public lobby with the blink indicator to let you know about new lines is a nice touch.

I’d like to see tab complete, but don’t waist cycles on that, after thinking you would bring us no lobby, this is a very pleasant surprise and well worth the devs time IMO.

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The audio changes were some volume balance for weapons and tutorials, Corvette sound tweaks and Frigage sound tweaks.


Are there any extra missions on the steam workshop?