HWRC Support, CE Deliveries, And You!

Homeworld Remastered Collection launches in just 30 minutes! If you experience any issues with your game, please visit our Knowledge Base for troubleshooting tips and support: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/categories/20087480-Homeworld-Remastered-Collection

If you ordered a CE from Amazon but haven’t received it yet, please let us know here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/entries/62587454-Amazon-Collector-s-Edition-Not-Delivered-by-Feb-25

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Thank you guys for taking such good care of your CE customers!!! I was really upset about not getting my copy until Friday… and then you posted this and I’m installing now! You guys are amazing!!!

I received an email from Amazon.co.uk saying “As a token of good will, we’d like to offer you code that you can use to play the game online until your order arrives.” along with a key.

I’m at work so I can’t try it but can I just use that key or should I still submit a support request?

Does this apply to Canadian Amazon orders? (Sent in the support request anyways)

@wearwolf – Amazon UK customers will receive their code directly from Amazon. You should be all set :slight_smile:

@jonnyjwood – yes please. If you haven’t received your CE yet from Amazon US or CA, please drop us a line!

Oh you…you have really stepped up to the plate with this, thank you so much Gearbox!! wipes tear away

Confirming order now with support.

Edit: Key received. This will help the wait for next week. Thanks again.

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I just came home, trying to ignore homeworld on steam for now, since I have to wait for my collectors edition until Friday (which is not so bad), then I saw the key from Amazon UK. Downloading now!

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Thank you!

I ordered mine priority from Amazon UK. They emailed me to inform me that I will receive my CE Friday (to the US).

Again, thank you for sending us codes so we can play today! I am very excited to play, 98% done with download.

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Um…I got sent the Email from Amazon.co.uk that they would send me a temp code for steam because of the delay. Great! BUT the code comes up with the error “Duplicate steam Code” Gearbox! Any help on this?

@alphadelphinus Write in to our support team (http://support.gearboxsoftware.com) and they should be able to help you out.

Thanks! did that and they did! Awesome crew! Been playing HW and HW 2 since '99. was halfway thru HW@ when the remastered version hit. unfortunately the saves dont seem to carry over. Oh well, just have to play thru again…

I ordered my CE from Amazon UK, and received the code from them. Now, as I’ve had some horrible luck over the years with shipments from overseas having long delays at random spots through the shipping process, I took advantage of the code and activated it through Steam… and doesn’t it figure that UPS rushed this right through and got it to me later in the same day that I received the code.

I’m wondering though, where does the code in my CE box stand? Is it now essentially an extra code, or was there anything special about the CE version of the game when activated (as in would it register in your Steam account as a CE version rather than a standard version)?

@RainmanFTW – You’ve essentially got a bonus code. You’re free to do what you like with it – spread the Homeworld love!

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That’s awesome… I think this’ll be the perfect way to allow my wife to see for herself why I was so stoked for this back when you folks first announced it.

Neat. GBX’s response to these issues has been pretty awesome!

I actually got the CE on the 25th at 5:55pm and then at 6pm Amazon sent me a code and said the CE would be arriving on Friday.

I also have the community day code, so I can give them away or play MP against me and myself!