HWRE Never Loads

I originally Pre-Loaded, then uninstalled and re-installed, and both contexts HWRE never goes past the launcher. I get an icon that says a program is loading, then nothing.

-Windows 7
32Gb ram
GeForce GTX 770

Please help!

Same issue, except only for multiplayer, the game loads and then the exe stops working upon completion when “waiting for others to finish loading”…

I seem to be getting a “MSVCP110.dll” is missing from your computer message. I’ve installed multiple versions of c++ Visual Basic and the message persists. Downloading the dll and moving it into the Homeworld Remastered Folder instead produces a fatal error 0x0000000 message.

Try registering the dll. Copy it into system32, open cmd, navigate to C:\windows\system32 and type “regsvr32 MSVCP110.dll” without quotes and you should get ‘the dll file registered successfully’ message pop-up. That MIGHT help, as it does with general system issues, but it’s a good general troubleshooting step to take anyway.