[HWRM MOD][9CCN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path


Yeah, I figured it out. So many games tonight, pity I can’t attract some people for an FX game :confused:

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #22

Getting people to play anything besides vanilla HW is about as hard as getting them to play anything besides Crimson Bond.

It’s a hard task, but it’s not impossible.

(BitVenom) #23

Guys - if we come back around next week (or in the next few weeks, this next week is busy due to E3, etc) - and do another ‘Play with devs’ - maybe we can have each Dev do a vanilla match, and a pre-arranged Mod match… We’ll decide and post about it (here and other places) so that people can get the ones they want to try. Sort of a ‘Mod Showcase’. It’s just an idea - but lemme talk to the rest of the team & marketing folks to see how we might use our visibility to help…


Oh wow. I can’t wait, actually. This would be awesome!

(Lazer72) #25

I find it great that you upload the mod the moddb as well as steam.
I don’t have an Internet connection at home so I have to download stuff using my phone at my college. (to download the actual game required me to make a special trip with my pc, not keen on doing that again.)

And as far as I know you can’t get the mods from mobile off steam.
So thanks! Great work! Good luck!

(Roloway) #26

@Lazer72: Before you lug your PC around again: http://www.pcgameware.co.uk/articles/steam-pen-drive/ ;-). And in case you have permission to install stuff on a machine there: Just install Steam, authorize the machine via steam and download and install the game there. Then you can just copy the steamlibrary to a pendrive. At home move the contents to your steamlibrary and hit “verify” in steam (which is how I transferred my library from my old to my new PC). have fun.

(Lazer72) #27

Wow thanks! This will be great for games.
But for mods a simple direct download link is always better.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #28

v1.09.2 has been out at the usual locations for some days. It is an additional bugfix for v1.09(1).

  • Customcommand should work properly now.
  • Multiplayer lobby chat should work properly now.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kadeshi Needleship wouldn’t disapear after upgrading its cannon.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t specify the unitcap.

Full changelog at the downloads.

(Lazer72) #29

Totally digging this mod!! Best mod currently out there for HWRM as far as I know.

(Lazer72) #30

I can’t find the v1.09.2 version at moddb.
It’s says there aren’t any mirrors or something when I try to download.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #31

I do not seem to experience that issue. I can download it just fine by clicking the big red button or on ‘mirrors’ and selecting one of 4 other download points.

Maybe try again later. Sometimes ModDB has these quirks.

(Lazer72) #32

I love the model for the Kadeshi needleship.
Could be a bit bigger in my opinion, but I like it better than GBX’s one for the purpose of this mod.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #33

25th July

  • Completed the FXmod Races & Playing Styles guide.
  • Added a guide for the Eden Single-Player Mission.

Both up on the features tab on our ModDB page:

For those who don’t know, the FXmod adds a new single-player mission. Give it a try if you haven’t done so yet and like a challenge.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #34

Since it seems that no videos were put up that show the ‘new’ FX (v2.0+) and the Steam page doesn’t have much media on it yet either, I figured I’d start recording some footage and throw it online to give people an impression of what the mod is and plays like. Words only do so much after all, and moving things tend to grab our attention a bit more efficiently.

Here’s a short clip of the FXmod Attack Carrier in action. Sometime after the events of HW2 the Raiders overhauled their fleet system into a series of standardized space fleet as they began to colonize other planets for the first time, and their carrier best reflects this. Its movement speed and manoeuvrability were greatly accelerated at the expense of armor, and its weapon arsenal was refitted for heavy combat: two rapidfire mini AA turrets (top), a heavy fusion missile launcher (bottom front), dual cruise missile bays (front, 2x 9) and of course its classic dual ion cannons that lay waste to frigate groups or Capital ships under the right conditions. At the same time, it can produce/dock/repair any vessels up to Frigates, hyperspace, and use laser sighting to properly ‘lock on’ to targets. Compared to the ‘old’ bulky raider carrier, this type was designed for direct combat and live firepower support, making it a ‘true’ Attack Carrier.

Since this test clip worked out nicely, there’ll be other and longer videos coming. Planning to do a playthrough of Eden once the guys have implemented the revised text script I submitted some days ago. Maybe some gameplay matches.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #35

Playthrough of the custom SP mission included in the mod, Eden. Revised the textscript. Some models still have to be updated to their HWRM equivalents though.

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #36

Here’s a new video showing the new things we are working on.

Recent new stuff-ships, shaders and more! - Mod DB

(Sastrei) #37

Y’all are geniuses. :sunny:

On the shield FX, is that mesh displacement?

And that police cruiser is just ridiculously awesome.

(Unlimited_X) #38

Yes, the displacement is about pushing vertecies along it’s normal’s direction.

(Xercodo) #39

Hey could I see the shaders you’re using? My EVE mod would look way more like EVE with that metallic style.

Just gimmie the SURF and MAP files :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zeelich) #40

Or better yet, would you consider making them available the community? Apart from EVE the Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica mods would benefit a lot.