[HWRM MOD][9CCN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #41

v1.09.5.4 is live on our ModDB page:

This one’s to show our ModDB followers that we have not forgotten about them.
All FXmod features restored to basic functionality. Also added the new metallic shader, several music player updates and other changes as you will find in the readme.

There will still be bugs and likely AVEs, but this is the closest to a 100% working version we have at the moment.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #42

v1.09.5 is now live on our Steam workshop page. This is the first 100% working (or 95%, but you get the idea) non-beta release we can present to you since v1.09.2. So, the long wait for our 6k subscribers is over at last. Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the FXmod (again).

You can grab the release by following the link below:

Alternatively, you can grab v1.09.4 from our ModDB page using the link above as this is more or less the same file.


(Not actually Jesus Christ) #43

The Eden campaign swarm of turanic bombers is a bit… big.
When the transport gets attacked you have no way out :blush:

(Hw Lover) #44

It has been a while guys, FX:Galaxy is currently compatible with HWRM public patch v2.205, but still has some issues with v2.1.
As for the coming v1.2.0 beta3 of the mod, hopefully it will run well on HWRM v2.1, with a lot of bugs fixing, and many remastered textures and models!


(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #45

Assault Swarmer (and some original swarmers) using HWRM texture:

(Hw Lover) #46


(Taiidan Republic Mod) #47

Nice! I think this captures the kadeshi style well.

What is this unit for?

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #48

It’s basically a drone destroyer like the drone frigate of Kushan. It has 6 powerful drones docked in it.

(Hw Lover) #49

Remind you anything?:slight_smile:

(doci7) #50

Makes me think of the moon somehow. And cake. And a potato.

(Hw Lover) #51

Little cute, say hi to everyone~

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #52

Haha, love it! I assume that is some kind of probe?

(Hw Lover) #53

Not at all! It can get angry sometime.

(Liuruoyang1995=Lone Wolf Akela) #54

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #55

Very nice! It’s great to see you guys making progress. Keep it up!

(Hw Lover) #56

(Goose3) #57

Really nice especially that 2nd ship. It has slight resemblance with the Exile transport vessel in it’s shape while adding own Unique Kasdeshi style to it. Very cool. :slight_smile:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #58

You guys do Kadeshi very well. What is the role of these ships?

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #59

The wait is over: the FXmod has been made compatible with HWRM v2.0/2.1! With over 4 pages worth of patch notes ranging from new content and eye-candy to bug fixes the upcoming update is the largest release to hit the FXmod yet, and it coming soon. How soon? Well…

Check your armor upgrades and prepare your strikegroups, because FX v1.25 - The Garden Keepers is launching this very weekend (2-4 December 2017)!

Join us on our ModDB page for some early sneak-peaks and previews of (some) of the many new things included in this version, or check out our Steam Community page – we are throwing a launch celebration event on the weekend of December 9&10.

Downloads & Patch Notes will be up on ModDB or our main Steam page over the coming days. Mark your calendars, for Christmas is coming early this year :santa:

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #60

v1.25 is out! Grab it from our ModDB page or Steam. We hope you enjoy this release!