[HWRM MOD][9CCN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #61

Build 1.30, “The Shimmering Path” is out. Try out our brand new Skirmish Mode, and raise your chances to become the person who gets to work with the developers to implement one of their ideas in the mod with every stage you pass. Assemble your squadrons, for the biggest test of your Homeworld and FXmod abilities yet awaits in the form of the Shimmering Path.


Event Details: https://www.moddb.com/mods/fx-galaxy/news/event-ascend-the-shimmering-path

Tag along on the following link chain for the patch notes and the patch preview from our recent newsletter.

(Goose3) #62

Nicely done… Right now I’m in the 1st Turanic Raider Mission. :slight_smile:

Small bug report:

The Turanic outpost has 2 wrong aligned light glows on it’s rear engines.

Ps: Any chance you guys could eventually add the Cataclysm Music as well for FX mod? Especially the Taiidan battle songs were epic or the Turanic music.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #63

You guys are an example to us all. Keep up the good work!

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #64

The Turanic outpost has 2 wrong aligned light glows on it’s rear engines.
Ps: Any chance you guys could eventually add the Cataclysm Music as well for FX mod? Especially the Taiidan battle songs were epic or the Turanic music.

Noted, thanks for pointing that out.
I agree that Cataclysm has some nice tracks. About adding them to the mod – you never know what the future may bring. But I do know that ending first in our Skirmish mode event would be a good way to take these and other matters into your own hands :wink:

You guys are an example to us all. Keep up the good work!

That is quite a compliment, coming from the creator of the TR mod. Right back at you!

For some news, we have updated the event details post on ModDB since some users were running into bugs where the Skirmish mode achievement remained locked even after completing stages. We have provided an alternative way to submit entries for those people so that they can still participate in the event. The bug itself will be fixed in a later release.

For those of you participating in the event, you might be interested to know (or remember) that we have a sort-of Newcomer’s Guide on our ModDB page that lists the generals traits, strengths and weaknesses of each race in the FXmod, so these might help you with pathing through the first few stages or give you ideas for turning the tide in a later one.

Fare well.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #65

Remodeled Welder (Progenitors) and Turanic Mine. Just a few of the more visual aspects that are coming with the next build. We also posted a newsletter to ModDB, which we were quite surprised to find ModDB even tweeted about on their main page.

(Hw Lover) #66

Progenitor Demolisher WIP

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #67

I like this ship. I think it is a good addition to the progenitors. Would love to see an animation of it firing…

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(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #68

This is actually a remaster of the existing Demolisher unit. One of the team’s modeling guys seems to have a bit of time again, so the next build will come with a few more new/retextured models than originally planned.

The finished version, which was posted on our ModD page some days ago. Besides it now being in HWRM quality it also received some other changes, such as new animations (top-front of the cannon is raised when weapon systems are activated, active power/energy lines while firing)

(Romegypt) #69

Send me a message at kingofcrafting4@gmail.com

I know a guy who can translate for you guys, I believe he is fluent in Chinese

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #70

Fast-forward a few months: the next major update is still a few solar systems away, but we decided to release the current build (1.35a) as a beta. Christmas is nigh, and since we all like us some toys around this time of the year we wouldn’t want to withhold you the chance to tinker with the new Welder, Demolisher and HeavyGun Cruiser. Among some other things, of course.

As things look now we’ll release the beta for FX v1.35a somewhere during next week. Until then here’s a fresh newsletter, a unit remaster progress sheet we made and (spoilers) the patch notes themselves.

(Chimas) #72

HI everyone,
I took some screenshots (SS) and posted them here:

They are all 1440p (or WQHD).
Still too few, I’ll take more soon.
I’m waiting for the version 1.35 to get more, but my doubt is: will it be available on STEAM?

Another issue: can you make those smaller SP missions allowing custom colorschemes. I mean making the game getting them from the player’s PROFILE? Just an idea.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #73

Hello! Thank you, those are some pretty screenshots. For a bit of trivia, did you know that the appearance of the Khar-Toba changes with every subsystem you build on it? Once all 7 have been constructed you’ll be able to see the “true” or full Khar-Toba.

I can answer your question about v1.35a. It will be (or rather, has been) released on our Steam Beta page, but a pretty annoying bug related to Artifact Retrieval mode managed to sneak past our final check. It’ll be hotfixed later, but if you don’t mind the teams’ score/progress currently not showing in said mode you can grab 1.35a in advance here.

The full release post will be added when said issue has been fixed and 1.35a is up on ModDB. So that is why it may seem like 1.35a has been somewhat “kept under wraps” for now.

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(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #74

One hotfix later, everything is working as intended and good to go. FX v1.35a is now available both on modDB (Manual installation) and on our Steam Beta page (subscription).

As this is a beta build there are bound to be number of bugs. Any you run into and can report on our modDB forum or the Steam discussion page will be of great help. The same goes for feedback and ideas you might have on how we can further improve Artifact Mode, or any other aspects of the build overall.

Steam version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=430491982

On a parting note, a Happy New Year to everyone in advance. With a special thanks both to our fans, and to the fellow HW modders who with their projects continue to be the lifeblood of HWRM. Here’s hoping to an eventful 2019.

(Goose3) #75

Happy new year and thanks for releasing the latest beta version.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #76

Still shaking off some rust and dust, but it’s been a pleasant first few trips back into the mapping scene.
With special thanks to @PayDay for following through on that renderer issue and removing my last excuse to slack while he was at it.

These images are related to the “grand finale” for The Shimmering Path (Skirmish Campaign) that has been in the works since the previous update. We’re also working on some other things, which you probably already read about in our newsletter last month (or, in case you didn’t, still can read about by clicking the link stealthily embedded in the previous sentence).

Speaking of Skirmish Mode, we are also looking to make a last few balance adjustments to it. If you ran into any particular stages that you felt were particularly easy/difficult we’d love to hear about it.
The same goes for any thoughts on the mode itself or how far you managed to proceed so far, as this is all valuable info that we can use to further improve it. Thank you!

(Leviathans Wrath) #77

Looks great @reylandaz

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(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #78

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