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“Homeworld’s 20th birthday is coming up, and even though Gearbox has delivered some great news at PAX WEST we can’t very well let Homeworld’s anniversary slip by without something special. To that end, we will be pulishing a special newsletter/announcement on September 28. It is not Homeworld3, but will nevertheless be something that will probably make many followers and fans of the FXmod quite happy. The road to Q4 2022 is long, but let’s just say that if all goes well we will have quite a means for you to help bridge the waiting period and elicit some smiles in the near future indeed.”

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In my deep curiosity I have attempted to open the FXG.big file with every big extractor that I know of to no avail. Can you tell me what archive extractor will work?

I don’t think there is such one exists in this world. If you want any assets from us, please directly contact us. Feel free to do so and tell us what you want and what you’re gonna do with them. We don’t like people use our assets without permission, and we do have some secrets to keep within the .big file.

I find that both interesting and deeply disturbing. I thought that Homeworld modifications were open source. Since I first began modding Homeworld in 1999 I have been under the impression that the community of Homeworld modding was about freely sharing new ideas, methods and techniques. I must admit that I am quite disappointed in this “patenting” and I do hope that others do not follow this rather nasty habit of proprietarization. I do not have much interest in a community that supports such.

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Well, things are more complicated than you thought. 9CCN MOD team is not a single person nor a fixed group of people. As a non-profit team, we started from more than 16 years ago; there have been several generations of developers joining and leaving since then, and most of the early founders of the team have already left.

Some of those former members left peacefully, their last sentence for us may be “I’m just tired with this game. I’ll leave and though you guys can still use the things I make, I’d prefer people to forget those ugly models I made several years ago so be sure not share them with others.” Some other former members left because some big quarrels with other members, and their last sentence may be “You guys are better never use my things anymore! For the sake that I’ve been in this team for years, I may forgive you and allow you to use them for a little longer time, but do not publish them to act like I am still in the team!”

With different people’s different products left in the .big file, you may imagine how much trouble we have to maintain those “patents”. I would say it is already a miracle that we can still develop this mod today. So, even most of the current members do believe open source will be best for the mod community, there’s simply nothing we can do to help the current situation of the team and FXMOD.

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And although the mod itself is not open sourced, we do try our best to open source things we can, such as our font maker([TOOL] HWR_FontCreator - .rcf font creator), .hod file fixer([Tool]HOD_Fixer - Fix Hods Broken with RODOH), new findings on some mod technique([Tutorial/Discussion]GameEvent functions & how to exchange information between Game Rule script and Customcode scripts)(Selection_FilerInclude / Selection_FilterExclude), our core script system lib(https://github.com/lone-wolf-akela/XSystem), and even the tool to create those encrypted .big files itself(LoneWolf Archiver - A fast and open-sourced alternative to Archive.exe)


Though I truly applaud and deeply appreciate all of the hard work that you (Lone Wolf Akela) and 9CCN have done and the tools that you and 9CCN have created, your excuses sound like… well, just that, excuses. It is difficult for me to believe that you have just left all of the “ugly models” and junk that you cannot use nor publish within the .big file. You are far too polished and professional to be that sloppy. Your reasoning sounds like the same convoluted logic that corporations utilize to cover their greed and self-aggrandizement instead of the cooperative, open-source sharing that is the hallmark of science and the advancement of knowledge.

What truly bothers me here is not your own and 9CCN’s retention of 9CCN secrets, but that you are setting a precedence of secrecy for future modders and for the communities of which I am a long-standing member. We have all been artificially, but subtly conditioned by the market economy to accept proprietarization as natural (which, for social animals, it is not), but I have been delighted to see two decades pass in the Homeworld modding communities, from Relic to Gearbox, without it infecting and thus tainting our society.

I neither ask nor expect you and 9CCN to change your policies regarding the proprietarization of “your” content; I am simply stating what I think about that policy and positing my fears that the deleterious, long-term, residual consequences of such practices threatens our “open” community.

I have never found a bigfile that is purposefully “locked” by a Mod Team. I would be very interested in hearing what other modders and Mod Teams think of the “patenting” of Homeworld Mod content by modders.


Well, if you don’t believe me then I think there’s nothing else I can say.

With all due respect, I do believe that everyone is free to maintain their own opinions and make their own decisions. Especially in an “open” community you spoke of. Similar to how you are free to perceive the above reasons as excuses, I do believe 9CCN is free to protect their work if they wish to do so.

I cannot speak for them or anyone but myself, but I do feel that bringing up mentions of “corporate greed” and “self-arrangement” in the context of a non-profit organization that has selflessly dedicated itself to bringing a smile to players’ faces and contributed to the modding scene for over 15+ years is a bit in poor taste.

I’ll abstain from further comments pertaining this topic as, again, we all have our own opinions (and I’d much rather talk about new mod updates - there’s plenty to come!). But it is the moment that we say we can respect others’ opinions yet almost put them on a public pedestal for deviating from ‘the norm’ that an “open” community may not be so “open” after all.


You have made some very good points. I cannot fault your logic.

You should blame GBX, they are the one that prevent HOD from being extracted. We’ve already shared our mod to this community for free, but that doesn’t means we have to share all the assets in it for free, too. What we ask for is basic respect to our efforts. If this is a community where everyone can take anything from any mod without permission, and use them without giving credits, I see no reason to share my efforts to such community and watch them being taken by others, being used in a way it shouldn’t be, and being thought that they were someone else’s efforts. Besides, why would I continue scripting or modelling in such a community? After all, I can just take whatever I want from other mods.

We ‘locked’ our mod because we don’t want this community to be like that. We respect every effort made by anyone in this community, that’s why we are protecting ours and helping other modders to pretect theirs, so that people can only get those assets by directly given by the creator themselves.

We are still open and willing to share our assets to this community as long as they would be properly used and given credits. Again, feel free to contact us for what you want. We’d like to achieve in-depth cooperation with other modders and mod teams.


I have always appreciated the openness of your team to share knowledge. In particular that asteroid script you linked to. It is also fascinating to have that insight into the history of the team. Well done for getting amazing content out in spite of those internal politics!


I blame no one. I was simply given an answer that did not sound either logical or honest to me. Perhaps it was a language translation misunderstanding? Please allow me to apologize for being a bit crass. I do appreciate your answer and your passionate efforts in this community. I may well approach your group as I am fascinated with the scripting; I am not interested in the hod files at all nor am I interested in sharing your own or others’ hard work as my own nor without explicit permission. I am simply a very ardent supporter of the sharing of knowledge which, considering that I am a scientist is quite natural. I meant no disrespect to any person, but simply become a bit incensed when others appear to keep knowledge that might benefit all to themselves.

Again, I apologize if feelings were hurt because of my words: That was not at all my intention. It is often difficult for me to anticipate others’ responses as I am “on the spectrum” (autistic), but I never, ever intend harm, only precision and clarity of understanding.

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It’s OK, we are being sensitive simply because what I said truely happened before.

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On a lighter note: I installed the FXG.big and the English.big in the data directory and created a shortcut …-mod FXG.big,English.big… followed by my choice of parameters, however the Main Menu is exhibiting the words as links (e.g. $####) instead of the correct text. I had thought that the English.big handled that. I know that I used to know what to do to fix this, but I have forgotten. Can someone give me a hint?

Thank you in advance.

if you just manually put our English.big into your data folder, it means you will override the english.big of HW:RM itself (which means, your game file is corrupted and now you need to reinstall your game). I suggest you use our installer to install our mod(you can download it from our moddb page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/fx-galaxy/downloads)

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I did not replace the original English.big with the FX, but renamed the new English.big and that was reflected in the shortcut. The files were not installed correctly by the installer… I was never asked by the installer where my HW directory was and so it created a new directory that would not work. How can I manually install the English file so that it does in fact work correctly?

According to the installer:

FX:Galaxy 1.3.5 Installation Guide
  1. Click ‘Next’ and chose the root path of your Homeworld Remastered Game. That should be the folder containing those foldes such as Bin, Data & DataUpdates.
    (e.g. D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM£©
  2. Click ‘Next’ and chose if you need a Start menu icon.
  3. Click ‘Next’ and chose if you need a desktop icon.
  4. Click ‘Next’ and finish the installation.

The root folder was never requested and I do not use Steam.

So, how can I manually install the English file so that it does in fact work correctly? Anyone?

I still have these manual installation instructions from a previous build. It’s a bit more work but maybe it will help, it was made especially for GOG users.

STEP 1 - Files
–Go into the \HomeworldRM folder and create the following folder structure: \Homeworld Remastered\HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\76561198034399157\423694988
(You can just copy-paste the folder names from here)
–Place the FXmod files in 423694988.
STEP 2 - New Shortcut
–Create a new shortcut for “HomeworldRM.exe”. This file is found here:
\Homeworld Remastered\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release
–To create this shortcut, right-click HomeworldRM.exe > send to desktop (create a new shortcut)
STEP 3 - Parameters
–Right-click the newly created shortcut and select PROPERTIES.
–Copy-paste (or add) the following to the end of the TARGET field:
-workshopmod 76561198034399157\423694988\FXG.big,english.big

Your TARGET field should now look like this:
X:\GOG Games\Homeworld Remastered\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HomeworldRM.exe -workshopmod 76561198034399157\423694988\FXG.big,english.big
Note that there must be a space between “HomeworldRM.exe” and “-workshopmod”
–Save your changes (APPLY->OK).
–Remember that your game language must be set to ENGLISH.

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That is profoundly helpful! I will try that tonight. Thank you very much.


    September 12

I still have these manual installation instructions from a previous build. It’s a bit more work but maybe it will help, it was made especially for GOG users.

I do appreciate the help, however, that did not do it for me. The only change may be that the second to the last menu item now states “Achievements”; which I don’t remember seeing previously, so I am guessing it may be hardcoded into the UI. The rest of the menu items fail to link (to the ui.ucs) and hence I still have ####, ####, $####, etc. to choose from both in the main menu and beyond. (funny that only the last $dollar sign shows above, though in the edit screen they are all there.)

Again, thank you for your efforts. I am hoping that @506933395 or @HW_Lover will step in and offer their expertise.