HWRM SalCapping & Dock families

Hello again,

I’m trying to add the “Worker” ship from HW Cataclysm, which is basically a combination of a HW2 resource collector & HW1 salvage corvette.

In RM, it looks as though a DockFamily of “corvette” is required for SalCap (otherwise the worker just lets go of the salcap ship since there’s no dock path), and a DockFamily of “utility” is required for resource drop-off docking.

Can anyone suggest a way to get this to work? If all else fails, I could just have the workers skip the resource drop-offs and always dock fully by setting dockfamily to corvette…

Any help would be appreciated.


You could try basing it off of he HW2 resource collectors, they did double duty as resource gatherers and object collectors. Not really sure how to make “go fetch that thing” turn into “hijack that and make it mine”, but it would at least be a start on having two functions.

Hmm, not sure how the custom commands in the ship files work, but maybe you could just have a harvester with a custom command for capture. Start by copy/pasting the salvette or marine frigate stuff in directly, you may get lucky.

Thanks. However, I should have been more clear. HWRM introduced a new ship ability (SalCap) for Kusha/Taiidan salvage corvettes. I added this to my ship file, And I successfully have a ship that can hyperspace, harvest, salvage (what HW2 called ‘go fetch that thing’), salCap (functions as salvage corvette), and repair. However, it has to be on the Corvette dockfamily, which means it can’t use resource drop-offs (but can technically harvest regularly and dock fully to collect RUs, but this defeats the purpose of a MINING clan’s drop offs and renders the Ore processor (ie mobile refinery) absolutely uselsess).

Essentially, the issue is NOT in the commands. I can issue all the commands and the ship will execute all of them. The issue is in the dockpaths - I need to either allow the Corvette dockfamily to drop off at resource drop offs when harvesting, or the Utility dockfamily to SalCap like it handles Salvage.

AFAIK, it has nothing to do with the ship itself, but the docking scripts associated with a dockfamily. I have no idea where these scripts are…

Doesn’t the salvage just follow whichever dock path the ship belongs to? E.g. when salvaging a destroyer, the salvage corvettes take it to the big opening door on the Kushan mothership, but when salvaging a frigate they take it through the normal entrance?

Good point. However, a dock family of utility will not bring captured ships to the mothership, but a dockfamily of corvette will