[HWRM SHADER] Blender Cycles v1.0


Download blend file from here. http://www.4shared.com/file/qFljn8CMba/HWRM_Shaders.html
Or https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ffewxdi6urbij6/HWRM_Shaders.blend?dl=0
Or http://www.moddb.com/mods/resurgence/downloads/hwrm-shader-blender-cycles-v10#downloadsform

You can either import your model to shader blend file. Or append those materials to your own blend file.

Make sure all your files are TGA/TARGA files. They works best and you dont need to do file conversions.

You get 2 materials one is Shader_Ship and other one is Shader_Engine.

Shader_Ship is for your main ship hull. This also includes badge placement. Badge uses different UV’s. Make sure your badge uv map haves ONLY uv’s for badge.
IF you have anything else there just make em small and hide em into corner(corners usually dont have anything in em).

Shader_Ship includes/uses these maps.

Shader_Engine is for your thruster section which usually uses seperate texture. You can use same uvmap for these because it’s different material. Make Sure your material is assigned to right faces.

Shader_Engine includes/uses these maps.

Results may differ depending on your textures. Also lighting is very important when doing renders.

Using these shaders is very cpu/gpu intensive when you start rendering.

Some screens of renders.
Glow working :slight_smile:

And very basic lighting.

some shots from blender node window where you put your files etc.

If you are not happy you can allways try tweak those values, which make things like reflection and speculars happen.

Ask if there is something to ask.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Ah, uni, that download site is atrocious and dangerous. Can you host it via Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar?

I’d also be glad to host the file at brickspace.net if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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Added another link.
Yeah sure why not :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I appended it to my ship file, but it seems to just be behaving like a regular cycles render with only DIFF showing? What am I doing wrong?

Can you show actual render?

Yeah, its quite…green…for some reason.


Its possible that it has worked, but my normal map isn’t very complete so it’s hard to tell…

Ignore the collision mesh in the background, I accidentally applied the material to it!

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Green is because you dont have glowmap on that thing i guess. So u could try to plug it off.

This is result what i get

You need light source and HDRI map to get result something like this.

Glow Strenght, put it to 0 if you dont have glow map.

Here is better render of my normals. I dont have other maps plugged in except simple grey diffuse and normal map.

Also try playing with nodes if you find my node setup lacking or something :smiley: