Hyped for Mayhem 2.0

Guys im really excited for Mayhem 2.0.

I lost intresst in the game after my playthrough of the Moxxie DLC.
We did the Takedown and i farmed a lot just to get gear that got nerfed.
There was just too many things happening that got me tilted.
And its not like i dont enjoy the game but i think only hunting for the perfect annoint isnt what i wanna spend my time on.

Well Mayhem 2.0 could change everything and make this game so much more entertaining. But i hope they wont do the same mistake twice. Give us the ability to decide what crazy mod´s can roll.
This could be done trough the difficulty settings:
lvl 1 - 3 mod set A can be triggered / lvl 4 - 7 set B / lvl 8 - 10 set C / lvl “mayhem” all sets can be triggered.
Or it could be done as an extra board / menu where you can choose different mods that can trigger.

After all i only can look forward now and i´m happy with the direction Mayhem 2.0 takes.

Whats ur guys´n girls opinion and what ideas for the way Mayhem 2.0 should / could work do you have maybe we could theory craft some mods and combinations we think would just be hilarious or badass.

Lets show the dev´s we are really into the future of the game and stop talking about the past.

My futile hope is that they don’t lock any more items behind it.


Mayhem isn’t Content, give us something to actually f*cking do or chase or something.

Borderlands 3, I’m afraid to say, looks like it will be a never ending cycle of ‘too little too late’


we will see, not holding my breath for it though. In an ideal world I’d like entirely customizable maps (among other things you can chose density of mobs, % of badasses, and set challenge ie only snipers equipable) with higher drops rate when conditions are more drastic


It looks like this iteration of mayhem might achieve what was intended.

Mayhem at the moment is just making things more difficult, but not as difficult as it makes out given the positive modifiers.

But thats not really mayhem, thats just difficulty increase.

Applying some game changing modifiers however does make it a bit more mayhem.

Low gravity, ultra fast speed, big heads, floor is lava, oneshotkill, thats mayhem.

Might make each level attempt that little bit different and add more fun than simply cranking up the difficulty - although there has to be that as well.

@jgartenbenz : the content was never locked behind something explicitly. It was only locked by effort.

And they started to address that. I didn’t really try MT until they put in the scaling, but now run it at lot (even at time with true takedown on)


They need to lock items behind higher difficulties to push players to actually try harder. If they didn’t people who are bad at the game would never improve or know the current gear they have is bad and they need to refarm. I personally hope they make the best weapons drop from higher mayhem so I feel good when I get that well earned loot that can only be gained on that difficulty setting! You don’t get people to improve by handing them the best stuff for playing on easy mode and I like when devs give players something to chase and work up to…

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I disagree. Doing what you suggest wouldn’t push players to improve, it would push them away. We saw that with UVHM - more people simply gave up and walked away than actively asked for help and tried. I suspect that’s what happened with Maliwan Takedown too, given the stats Randy gave at the PX East panel yesterday. Remember, many people play games as a way to relax, not as a way to experience stress!


I relax away from the game.
There is no relaxing when it’s…GAME ON!!

But that’s just me, the masochistic loot hunter and limit breaker. Is there a relaxing way to play Borderlands and still power creep your toon? Honest that will have me googling YouTube now >.>

“Tranquilist Play Through - A Borderlands Story”

Hyped for it all.

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Yeah, it’s called NVHM M0! Levelling is slow, but you can absolutely take your time and mix things up via M1-4 when you feel like it.


I agree with VaultHunter 101, the vast majority of us play games for the express purpose of escaping the real world, to actually do something that gives us joy and is fun. Anything we have to do where we have to “watch vids” prior to doing it, or suffer through screaming and yelling because we don’t know the mechanics or don’t have the “perfect” build ONLY leads to frustration and people being driven away from the game.

Every piece of gear in the game should be obtainable no matter what the Mayhem level is. The higher the Mayhem level should increase the chances of getting “it”, but should not lock behind levels certain pieces of gear.

Takedown gear is no exception. Until they actually fix matchmaking, Takedown gear should be obtainable elsewhere. I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve spent in Takedown only to have 0 to 1 or 2 others come in. None of the people have made it farther than I have as a solo player, they all just bail. It could be that there aren’t enough people playing to fill up a 4-person team, but I can’t believe that. I’d love to see figures on who’s online at a given time across all the platforms.

Making the game artificially harder by jacking up the AI shields/health and then hiding specific gear behind each level will be the death of Borderlands.


I was agreeing with your post until this line. I like that raid-specific gear stays raid-only. That provides incentive to keep running the Takedown. I could see your point before they scaled it, but now it is entirely solo-able, so there shouldn’t be any problems IMO.

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As for Mayhem 2.0, I am cautiously optimistic.

I really like the fact that there are 10 different levels, which will allow players to fine-tune the difficulty on a much more granular level. I’m also very interested by what Randy meant when he said that the gear you can obtain on each level is designed to help you move up to the next level. I’m not sure if he was just speaking in general terms, or if they actually designed the gear that drops to continuously get more and more powerful with each Mayhem Mode, to add a sense of progression. That would be absolutely awesome, but I am assuming that probably isn’t the case.

I am a bit concerned about the modifiers though. The two that he mentioned sound super gimmicky and would get old really fast. I wish they were planning a way for you to select the mods you want, which would then add multipliers to things like XP and loot earned, but I am assuming they would have talked about that if that was the case.

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I’m worried about how many things they break with the new modifiers. Some sound pretty ridiculous (lava). What happens when your picking up loot? Is it going happen?

Will wait and see what happens. Hopefully adds new dimension to the game.

There are allegedly items that are explicitly locked behind M4.

@jacobcaudill1 They don’t need to push players to try harder, and certainly not to try harder difficulties. Harder means less fun. The looming prospect of UVHM repeatedly killed my interest in BL2. I wanted to level up more characters, but it’s just awful to play on that difficulty.

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It better be less punishing than mayhem 4.

Not necessarily.

Harder means more challenge.

Challenge can be both a fun and a frustration in equal measure.

Some may see the challenge as a way to maintain their interest…

“I wonder if I/we can do x with y”

UVHM is different though. You were forced to play that difficulty if you wanted to keep leveling up. That is not the case for the Mayhem Modes.

Plus, the way damage scaled in UVHM was just a terrible design in general.

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I tried it for days and can’t seem to get past Wotan’s double shields, it’s all good up until then. I’m sure it has to do with my FL4K load out but so far I can’t figure it out.

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And you’re forced to play on M4 if you want various items. Loot is as much a variety of progress as levels. Which is why I’d prefer they stop with that nonsense. They probably won’t, but I acknowledged the futility of the hope right off.

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What Mayhem level are you playing at?