Hyper Bear Moze final build - 12mins ttd run

Skill build: https://bl3zone.com/planner/AAC1EA4EB5EC1EG5EM5EO3EP1EQ1ES5ET1EV1EW3EX1EY1EZ5FB3FC5FE1FG3FH-ac1BRac2BRau1BUau2BU

After following some tips from my previous video, it greatly improved the gameplay and shortens my run. Getting the forge capstone really helps , eliminating the reload time while engaging and retaining GM mod damage longer.

I really want to remove the grenade spamming, i tried sapper but dmg loss is so big without the pearl of knowledge. so yeah, sucks we need to rely on vampyr for healing.

I can now move on to other characters and try them out. See ya soldiers!