Hyper Bear - True takedown in 15mins

Build discussion:
This build is kinda hybrid between moze and her bear. I really want to utilize the recent IB buffs and i figured GM would be the best suited for this build because scorch RPM benefits bear and moze. I haven’t got a 5 RPM com like the one i have in my rifle GM but nonetheless still a god roll 4/1. and since there’s 1 point in click click, i figured i should add click click into my skill build and it turns out to be effective i guess.

Skill tree:
I am torn between getting forge with 2 vampyr vs 4vampyr… but in the video i am using the 4vampyr. later i will try if getting forge would result in a better run. Below is the screenshot of my skill build


Reading in this forum helped me alot and inpired me to come up with this build… enjoy the video…


Nice vid. You can get forge with 3 vampyr if you give up 1 point in AI, which is a much better tradeoff.


i can confirm, taking 4AI and 3 vampyr for forge is definitely better. i dont reload anymore which results in higher dps bcoz of sustained GM effect.

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used this build and was able to do M4 TTD :slight_smile:
I used forge on green tree and band of sitorak as shield.

bridge part is a pain… probably did FFYL 10-20 times :smiley: but probably my fault as i tried to mob everything lol…

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cool, i am also considering sitorak since i have this 50% hp… but i think rico shield is giving me move survivability. i also tried frozen heart with bear nova in/out at one point but didn’t go too well.