Hyper Light Breaker / Heart Machine

I’m basically brand new to forum posting but I didnt see anyone else start a category for this game and seeing as Ive been following Heart Machine for a while, I wanted to make post about it. Namely, in the hope that the game would get an Xbox and Playstation release. Personally, I play on Xbox and was sad to hear I wouldnt be able to play their previous release (Solar Ash) due to its PC/PS only releases. On Heart Machine’s website, they’ve already said they’ve started discussions about the game coming to platforms other than Steam but as a fan of their games, I wanted to at least try to help push for an Xbox and Playstation release for the console players that’re fans of this studio that don’t have PC access. That being said… please I would pre-order for this studio just to support them I’m kinda begging here.

Thanks for reading <3