Hyper-ventilator kits - not so bad?

I had totally written off the Hyper-ventilator oz kit as worthless, but I started to think about it again recently.

Stats from a level 50 purple Hyper Ventilator:
.34 boost to fire rate per missing o2
.24 boost to movement speed per missing o2

180 o2

Meaning that this maxes out at 180 * .34 boost to fire rate. Which is about a %60 boost to fire rate! Assuming this means what I think it means, you’ll be firing lots of bullets and quickly.

And about a 40% boost to movement speed.

Contrary to a similar rarity tranquility kit which gives .17 per missing o2 which comes out to about 30% boost to damage. If we’re talking Damage Per Second, and ammo isn’t necessarily your concern, then the Hyper Ventilator sounds like a higher DPS (am I right though?). However, you have to be able to deal with the constant drain to your health from having low or no air. Obvious downside.

Example uses:

Fighting Iwajira (or others in that cave). The cave doesn’t have much air anyhow. And it’s much easier to survive if you’re moving. So, again hyper ventilator helps with your movement speed, which is nice. The health drain issue? With certain skills in use, you can regen all the health you need to keep going. Primarily I’m thinking of the Doppelganger class right now. I’m practically invincible while my action skill is active. And with the right guns you probably won’t need to activate your action skill more than once to finish the fight with your higher fire rate!

Mobbing in low air places. Less useful I think. Generally you’ll have to last longer than one boss fight and you’ll constantly be trying to get health to keep it going.

Thoughts? Anyone use them? Other good areas to use them? Do you switch to them on the fly from other oz kits?

I’ve thought about them, but for general mobbing O2 canisters pop up all the time and it’s hard to avoid picking them up. The Iwa fight would work well though.

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Agreed. The Iwa fight doesn’t really have that. I don’t think the things he spawns even drop air that much.

If the hyperventilator had just one more boost to it, it could be great. For example. It’s the tediore oz kit. I noticed that there isn’t a legendary tediore oz kit. If they made one then perhaps it could do this:

“where we’re going we don’t need, air”
you no longer need air. picking up air canisters randomly gives you ammo or health.

.40 boost to fire rate per missing o2
.30 boost to movement speed per missing o2
190 o2

I feel like claptrap would probably get the best use out of one. 60 percent firerate on a flakker is nothing to joke about.

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And he won’t lose health at 0 air, right? Bonus.

Exactly, haven’t actually tried it yet but on paper it sounds good.

The potential for great use is there. I wrote em off too, haven’t bothered using them. I don’t know about you, but even in ozless environments, I actually have to try and not get oz. And while the health lost from suffocating is pretty low, I don’t see how it’d be worth it. Just stick a support relay in there instead and it would probably be more useful in most situations.

Eeeeeh, wouldn’t it still be better to fire-n-swap?

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Most definitely.