Hyperion bug fix?

Does anybody know if thus bug will get fixed? It’s there somewhere where I can report it so it will get fixed?

Which bug are you referring to?

You can post in the tech support section. Be sure to mention what platform you are playing on.

If you fire during showdown with a Hyperion weapon, sometimes the screen will shake really badly. I’m playing on PS3. Thanks for telling me about the tech support forum.

Something something Hyperion-shot-for-accurazy-bug-that-cant-really-be-fixed.

@EtherNohow It was a known issue in BL2 with Hyperion’s reverse recoil mechanism. Basically, BA rank, certain character skills, gun parts can affect this feature. Sometimes increasing recoil reduction can have a negative impact on Hyperion weaponry. Normally this occurs when you reach a really high level of recoil reduction. Honestly, I don’t think it’s something that tech support will be able to tackle so best find alternatives.

Check this out:

(FIX) I turned off rumble per shot and auto aim in controller option in the pause menu and it stopped the shaking for me