Hyperion Development - Specific drop location?

I farmed the chests in Cluster Overlook + Denial Subroutine for the last three days. I got a cr*p load of glitched weapons, but unfortunatly not a single Hyperion Development…so I started wondering, if it has any specific drop location or at least a location with increased chance?
Thanks in advance!

It’s a world drop, so no. You just have to luck out in getting one to drop.

Ok, thanks for the information. I keep farming then, i guess.

If you don’t need those glitch weapons from your farming run, you could always grind them to see if you luck out that way. Try grinding at least 2 of the same type as the Development.

Ok, i’ll give it a try :wink:

I got two: one from an Eclipse drop, the other from stacking up a full inventory of glitch guns and dashboarding til it came out of the grinder. Probably doesn’t help much but keep at it!