Hyperion OP8 Arena Round 5 with Zer0 - No Moxxie/Transfusion/Norfleet/Bee/Glass Tank

Hyperion Arena round 5 with Zer0 at OP8 with only Legendary Hunter com and Innervati0n as my only methods to heal. Hope you enjoy. Sorry for all the second winds in the video.

[Hyperion Arena round 5 OP8][1]

That looked like one tough round, so well played DarthSpiderDen, I really enjoyed watching it, I am still struggling on round 4, and yeah it is annoying being downed but at least you got a second wind. Nice vid man!!

Thank you. Hyperion arena is very annoying but I still consider it easy compared with Magic Slaughter (that I’m trying to do right now and stuck on round 3 - the skeleton mayhem)