Hyperion Slaughter round 5 wow hardest thing I ever did

I’m finally at level 72 and everything in game is pretty easy.

But then I got to Hyperion Slaughter 5 :astonished:

I’m thinking I will need corrosive hyperion shotgun for this or corrosive hail, I have neither

if I can’t beat it soon probably I will restart once more and get hail again to do it :smirk:

Or maybe purple Torgue rifle will do from Badass dlc hmm


It is probably the hardest mobbing in the game. I’d get a bee plus corrosive ladyfist for the constructors


Hyperion slaughter is pretty ruthless, the only non-raid scenario in the game I’d say is harder would be the badass round in murderlin’s temple.
Still, typical Hyperion strategies work well.
Use slag liberally, as well as corrosive weapons. A corrosive hail is nice, you might also want a Rubi for the bonus healing.
Prioritizing surveyors is always a useful tip, as well as those turrets that spawn under the bridge.
I always have the most trouble dealing with the UBA loaders, that big pointed rock is your best friend when those appear.
Also, if you have a corrosive norfleet it’ll serve you well, wether for shamfleeting or as a FFYL safety button.
Anyways, good luck.


Looking at your HUD map the platform at the North position is where I tend to stay. There are some spawns in certain waves but aside from that you can see the entire arena from there and hit just about everything. You didn’t mention who you’re using but I’ve had great luck using the Dahlminator with Gaige there (she’s the only VH who mage it thru every round w/o dying once). A corrosive Veruc, lady Fist and Lyudmilla(?) are also very helpful…


I got so close one of the first times I tried, I’m using a lvl 72 Axton with Nuke and 2 Turrets.

I made it to the last super badass constructor but had run out of rockets. I do remember thinking if I had the lady fist probably I could have beaten it.

So I went and got the lady fist but when I came back I couldn’t even make it to the final round anymore.

I will try with Maya (the easy mode character) with a thoughtlock and ruin build, I bet it will be much easier.


Jesus those Turrets at the end… Wtf they have like boss levels of health? This ■■■■ makes no sense

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The best way I’ve heard it described is that they have a large health pool hidden behind a small health bar, which makes them seem tougher than they really are…


I ONLY just managed to do it with Maya (easy-mode character)!

Wow, as you can see I almost died AGAIN near beginning I was lucky. The Tediore damage and recoil buffing relic seemed to help alot!


A couple of tips: Critical hit spots are your friends. At least try to aim for them on all enemies, not only on Constructors. Don’t aim for center mass all the time. Also, you can get more ammo by grabbing guns from the ground. Low on sniper ammo? Grab a sniper from the ground and get a few more rounds.


hey thanks for your comment. Good tip but it’s hard to aim for crit on bots imo if your spray shooting from hip which is what I like to do unless far away. Also you may have noticed my backpack often was full. I have very few critisisms of BL2 however one of them is that maybe they should have let you put more stuff in backpack.

Maybe you’re right though, I should have kept space free for that ammo strategy later on in round.


I suffer from ‘full backpack syndrome’ myself but I try to look at my bank and see what I can move from there to the secret stash and then free up space in the backpack by moving items to the bank. It also doesn’t hurt to (currently) have 55 mules either :smile:


Sorry I didn’t notice your backpack was full. My bad. I’d definitely throw some items in the bank before hitting the slaughter, just in case I’d need to pick something up during it.

When it comes to crit spots, most Loaders have a bunch of them (both arm joints, the eye and the hip joints). If you hit the arm joints - which are fairly easy to hit - not only you’ll deal considerably more damage, you can also disarm them. Even if you’re an enthusiast of the “spray and pray” playstyle, you still should try to spray closer to their crit spots, since even accidental hits will help you a lot. On human enemies you should be hip spraying bullets towards their heads, not their torso. Otherwise every enemy is gonna take a long time to go down, which will leave you exposed to other enemies around you. By not doing this you’re making things harder for yourself. The slaughter arenas are there to put your mobbing skills to the test, so if you don’t use every tool at your disposal to make things easier, you’re gonna have an even worse time in there than usual. Sorry if I’m telling you things you already know or if I sound a bit condescending (it’s not my intention at all), it’s just that while watching your video I kept yelling internally “The CRIT SPOTS, man! Just aim for the damn crit spots!”. :joy:


ahh you see with spraying toward their head on humans is many bullets will miss

I got used to spraying their body and then often they will keel onto the floor then I’d run closer and finish them off with bullet spray

I suppose you’re right though with short controlled bursts you can get good head crit shots

Bear in mind also I using the mod that reduced accuracy (for extra damage bonus)


A shock grenade like the Chain Lightning will stun enemies w/o shields for a few seconds, making it easier to aim for their crit spots. Also, the firing pattern for the Veruc makes it an excellent choice for taking down loaders- I also like to use it on buzzards…


Btw guys I finally was able to do it with Axton!

Was hard though!


Was there any theme you had? Or just anything goes? I had a quick look at the Maya run but you didn’t show the skill tree you had. Word of warning, using Sub Sequence in Hyperion areas can be quite bad, especially when the surveyors are about. Works fine for the bots though. Best really to use a Legendary class mod as phase lock then comes around real quick. In the Bandit and Creature slaughter, try using the Hell Fox with fire weapons, sub-sequence and Helios/Ruin are amazing.

I disagree about using the Legendary class mods for this with Maya, much better to do the arenas with a Blurred Trickster build in my opinion.

Are you talking for just surviving the arena or for time trial exploits?

I’d agree with you when going for time trials, but on regular runs don’t you think the more balanced distributions of the Leg Binder and Siren coms win out and allow for a more consistent run where you have a bigger safety net when things go wrong?

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I’ve never even attempted a time trial haha i’m a rather slow player. Maybe i’m just more comfortable with it then, rather than it being flat out better. That’s possible.


hey there, thanks for your comment

actually at various parts in the video you can see which build I use, but yes it is shown at random points
the skill tree I used was this:

Sub-sequence is a really excellent skill of hers, I think it’s almost always worth it tbh
I actually level up during the run and finally put a point into Minds Eye, yes a bit weird even I admit as this is clearly one of her best skills.

As for mods I use the smg (Cat) mod for most of run, and then switch to corrode mod.

Yes Maya’s legendary siren mod is excellent I agree but I did not have it at this point, I only found one afterward. I do believe I was using a relic that sped up Action Skill cooldown? Most thing lacking here for my Maya was equipment tbh heh I am using a crappy Tediore smg as main weapon, at this point even I was not aware that I could get an incredibly superior corrosive SMG from Moxxi as easy as getting a slice of pie.

Now I found the legendary siren mod I’ve respecced my Maya greatly e.g. I took points out of Chain Reaction to put elsewhere. Main reason for doing this is her main weapon being a Torgue Rifle (which I’ve come to an opinion that is the best go to weapon in Borderlands 2 UVHM in general), and this rifle’s shot cannot be used with Chain Reaction. And yup after all this my opinion that Maya is the ‘easy-mode’ character of the game is unchanged and actually re-inforced :rofl:

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