Hyperion's role in future Borderlands games

(Plootinum) #1

So the latest game from the Borderlands series depicted Helios (Hyperion Moonbase) crashed against Pandora. So is Hyperion no longer a faction in future Borderlands games? I’ve noticed quite a few Hyperion bases on Pandora such as Opportunity, Friendship gulag, Control Core, Wildlife preservation, Outwash (In the highlands) ect. And I’m curious if they would restarting the corporation,
It doesn’t seem that the resistance have made any recorded attacks on any of these bases after Handsome Jack’s death so is there a possibility that the Hyperion Corporation will continue to thrive in future Borderlands games. Maybe not as a enemy but to offer missions. Personally I favor Hyperion over all the other corporation and hope to see it in future games.

(Cast Iron Chef) #2

Rhyss took over Hyperion and acquired Atlas’ assets, so I don’t see Hyperion going away anytime soon. What type of company they’ll be is a different story though.

(Gabriel Alexander) #3

Rhys took over the Pandora chapter of Hyperion. Hyperion is a multi-planetary corporation and Pandora was only a small portion of it.

(Cast Iron Chef) #4

I thought Jack was the president and CEO, so with him gone, Rhys took over the whole thing.

(Gabriel Alexander) #5

While this is true, as Jack killed the lovely Tassiter to take over Hyperion; the company itself was not confined simply to Pandora. Its hub? Yes, absolutely and you are not incorrect there. However there is more Hyperion out there in other systems still, and I doubt that the fall of its CEO on Pandora and its change into the Children of Helios is the ultimate fate of Hyperion itself; Rather I’d feel it is safe to assume that there are now two portions of what was once a single Hyperion.

(yellow for cyan) #6

After badassitude of nature had been restored, all remained Hyperion structures on Pandora turned in spectacular overgrown ruins.
Don’t feel sorry about it, you might haven’t seen from height of the moon base, but all of it was built so shoddy and irresponsibly, that it was not suitable even for humans.

The central management of Hyperion Corporation, which always was only in civilized areas of the galaxy, decided that there no profitable opportunities on borderlands, especially when they received reports of the events of BL2, which strongly undermined their reputation. So they will no longer allocate funds for such wasteful expeditions.
By the way, as you may remember, Rhys entered… anyway his mission had accomplished. I’m not sure if we could ever meet this guy on Pandora again.

So now there is only Vaughn’s tribe, which remembers Hyperion only as the old legend.

But sometimes on Pandora probably would be found artifacts, such as QUALITATIVE Hyperion weapons and other good stuff remained from times of BL1; something also could be rarely obtained from smuggling, but it’s most likely counterfeit.

(Plootinum) #7

I’m sorry but… What?

(Plootinum) #8

Was this announced by gear box or in the story?

(yellow for cyan) #9

For those who carefully walked through all games It is logical algorithms and simple facts of what already happened in the story.

I just added the part where badassitude of nature has been restored.(by the way the coolest part!)
And suggested the possibility of finding QUALITATIVE loot like in good old days, instead of plastic garbage in BL2 style.

…Oh, and I also suggested crushing of Helios on Pandora.(now it already belongs to facts) kek :slight_smile:

And, you know, if Gearbox will go back to theme of boring office plankton and ignorant parasites again after they had finally finished it, it would be just FAIL (not even epic fail, but just boring and stupid fail)

I think Children of Helios could be a wonderful faction, if they will not behave like stupid ■■■■■■■■.

I think I would also suggest to shut down the ECHOnet on Pandora.
Enough of these Wannabe Vaulthunters or Pirate Cosplayers… it’s so loud, so angry and so dead inside.
Now I understand more than ever what Helena Pierce was talking about. She was pretty wise lady.
And children need a good moral education.

(Jmababa) #10

It’s a spoiler for BL3, I think that’s what will happen in BL3. You wil lalso know in BL3 what will happen to those places you mentioned

(NotSoLooney) #11

Hyperion died with their Helios station unless they have a man base some where else. I don’t see why they would come back to Pandora, they lost billions.

(HellVerse) #12

Look Atlas deserted many laborers including that Tannis lady with a real horde-toddy Doctorate, Fall of Helios is nothing. There is always a bigger fish. Might be someone even more powerful than Jack is out there.

(Gabriel Alexander) #13

Entirely my point; the fall of Helios doesn’t mean much at all for Hyperion.

(HellVerse) #14

And anyways Rhys from the tales is supposedly rebuilding Atlas corp from scratch with possible offering for Children of Helios to come work for him.

(HellVerse) #15

Hyperion without jack can’t have a stronger role than a by standing stake holder in future Borderlands game.

Basically Hyperion was the underdog when helios station arrived on pandora it was easily taken over by Dhal’s lost legion. If it wasn’t for jack we won’t have the version of TPS and Borderlands 2 we have now.

Jack was quick to realize that Dhal and even before it Atlas were Military strong compared to what Hyperion had initially. To counter that he quickly adopted the idea of robot army. Which still doesn’t qualify Hyperion as a muscular company.

So if Hyperion is going to have to do anything with next Borderlands game it must make a strong come back with a stronger antagonist for lillitth and team.

Someone who can really snatch the lolly pop (vault key) from vault hunters and make a big moral show for Hyperion.

I’ll soon write a short story draft for it :wink: