Hyperions weapons

Ive noticed a huge difference between bl2 hyperion weapons and tps hyperion weapons. Is this because the storyline is before bl2, so that they are like hyperions from bl1 and dont auto correct besides the bitch(forgot tps bitch name)?

I miss my synergy lol

There are two types of hyperion weapons in this game “old” and “new”. New hyperion guns are exactly what youre used to (IE the Synergy you miss is in the game). The “Old” Hyperion Guns have high damage low accuracy and fire rate (generally). They’re also gimped because they get no matching bonuses from any parts so that whole increased damage nonsense is kinda hollow.

I don’t know the colours of all the Camos, but I know for a fact the Purple Old Hyperion Guns have a dark red finish. But yeah basically keep your eyes open for the names, if you don’t recognize the prefix or the gun name chances are its an old Hyperion.


There are two types of Hyperion weapons. “Old Hyperion” the weapons that existed before Jack took over the production line, and the “New Hyperion” weapons which are the same as the BL2 Hyperion weapons.

So your Synergy still exist, but so does the “Expeditious”.



Awesome guys thank you for the info!

Hey i just started to find conventional hyperion weapons! I suppose i just needed to progress a bit further in the game.