Hyperious is such a B0re....LOL

Good golly Miss Molly…

I just B0red the ever loving sh1t out of Hyperious!

20 runs…died 5 times but the other times were over pretty quick.

If you can get the Bots lined up, he’s just…DEAD!

Happens so fast. FUN AS HELL!

Twister worked the best for me but a DPUH will work just fine as well…although not as seemingly reliable as a Twister!

He dropped crap though…a “decent” Evolution and a nice Fire Bladed Tattler. The rest were AWFUL Retchers.

After about the 10th Retcher…made me want to retch…LOL


Im in PS3 and Boring Hyperius is scary. Praying your console would not crash during the Bore process.


Johnrr6, you’ve B0red Hyperious recently? Just tried last night about a dozen times at OP8 with no success. I’ve seen it done online with a level 1 Dahl repeater, but that was done a while ago, not sure if the game has been made harder since then. Last night I tried hornet, non-elemental lyuda, unforgiven, caustic infinity pistol. None got the job done. And slag singularity to group them. Noticed that Hyperius seemed to realize he was being B0red and jumped from behind his robot friends. Every time I shot Hyperious with a caustic weapon when bots aren’t lined up, it said “resist”, so maybe I was B0ring but he resisted the caustic bullets? And maybe that’s why Goth and Bahroo used a non-elemental Dahl for their famous B0re of Hyperius? Maybe I need to research which guns B0re and which don’t. Thanks.


Hyperius himself is weak to fire, not corrosive and about 99 % of guns are capable of B0re kills. It’s kinda hard to set it up properly for the best weapons so it’s just going to be even harder and more inconsistent to do that with weaker ones.

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Thanks. I do realize that the stars (in the case, the bots) have to align to pull this off, so there’s a lot of luck involved.

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FYI, saw your pic of Amaterasu. My daughter has been playing Okami over and over again for years. We call that game “the best $20 dad ever spent”. God help me if the Wii ever kicks the bucket, she’ll need counseling I’m sure.


Haha, it’s a great game. It’s so easy that it’s pretty much impossible to die but the art style, humor and sheer amount of exploration bring me back to it every few years even if the challenge is not there.

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I think splash damage is great for b0ring, makes each tick do additional damage.
As for lining enemies up, the point is to get Hyperius to intersect his hitboxes with one of his minions to get a good b0re, it doesn’t have to be all of them lined up perfectly. Lining up more than few of them would be ideal, but I’m all ears if someone have a solution for how to do that consistently. Anyway, as far as I’ve farmed him, in my conclusion the thing to focus on is throwing singularity in a way that Hyperius is going to walk into them, then opening fire when he does.

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