Hyperius farm solo with Morningstar glitch

Just wondering if this is still a thing. I’ve tried every other way I can think of to farm him and can’t even knock down his health bar at all. I really want a norfleet and I’m having a terrible time trying to get it. Is my build bad?? What am I doing wrong???

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morningstar glitch is i think patched.

what character are you using? and what level?

if sal you can do the pimp/RL combo or if you know the infinity money shot glitch it also works.

For zero just bore him.

If Maya, immolate kill with a norfleet or fire RL (PBFG works as well) at 72 is fast.

Axton and krieg is best in tediore throws. Axton at 72 i also killed him in 40 seconds with fastballs.

If Gaige drunk norfleet at 400 stacks is also a fast kill.

I’ve been doing this for ages, until now. Just got OP10 and this isn’t working any longer. My gear is OP8, so that could be it, but I know I’ve done it in the past at OP8 with OP6 gear. Also my Duurp is a purple with a mag size of 7.

I get his health bar about halfway then he retaliates and takes me down. All I want is an OP10 Evo! (he can keep his silly Norfleets).

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I’m axton level 78 I believe. If using fastballs would work I would do that haha.

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i might try it at OP10, have you use a creamer?

I’m gonna try again tonight and see what I can do. Maybe my build isn’t optimized. Ill look into it more. If either of you are on Xbox hit me up. West coast GT blancheezy

No, I haven’t tried the creamer, I may farm one.

I was actually able to get a couple kills, but nowhere near as clean as I’ve done it before. But I got a couple Evo’s. Not great ones, but they’ll work for now.

OP10 pimp and the world burn will put him down fast with a tina mod.

With op8 gear you will have to manage your health. Swapping to grog and a chain lighting at the right point or a storm front/ quasar, anything for dot to survive the nova.

I’m still doing true neutral monk/RR with pimp/creamer and world burn / grog. Swap in World burn for dps or creamer to top off health. In cooldown wield grog and toss chain lightning to get zerk back.

I’m in the process of upgrading pimps and running the new DLC. I’ll look into the World Burn. One of my other characters got it at OP8 I just don’t remember where and when.

As I said earlier I was actually able to put him down a couple times, it just was nowhere near as easy as it’s been in the past. Before I was able to get 2 kills within one gunzerk. Granted, it is more fun when there’s an actual challenge but I just want to farm him fast for a good Evolution(and maybe a Norfleet).