Hyperius Solo TVHM

Having a rough patch killing the sob solo, the bots aren’t an issue, just apparently my Unkempt Harold and Kerblaster are not effective on him enough. Good weapon rec to use on him directly?

I haven’t tried him in TVHM but his weakness is fire- most folks seem to try to take him out with a fire Sand Hawk. Kreig and Zero players can try to melee him but I’m nowhere near good enough for that…

Which character are you playing as?

Level 56 Zero. I just stuck with him and I’m really regretting not having started with a Commando. Sigh.

Bore ftw! This clip shows how to do it.


Gracias, will give that a shot in a bit since I can’t farm the sand hawk.

Thanks again @Ronnie_Rayburn couldn’t get the bore to work but beat him 2nd time due to similar tree restructuring.

With Zero, get yourself a good melee build with a Rubi. You can go toe to toe with him because he never moves. I farmed him 20+ times last night solo.

What level are you?

56, but I’m wondering if he’s even worth farming since I’m not on UVHM.

Yeah, not really worth it in TVHM at 56.

You’ve got plenty of points for a good Hyper setup.

With plenty to spare.

I skipped any kill skill because you’re farming Hyper. When you get your 1 kill, it’s over. Take him out first, go into Deception, dash for the door and re-enter. Never have to deal with his minions. He resets and you just pick up all the loot he just dropped :smiley: