Hyperius the Invincible question

So I am trying to farm some gear for some characters I have coming up to lvl 50.

Does Hyperius drop anything in TVHM? I have killed him like 10 times with no drops other then a single purple each time.

He has a chance to drop everything from his loot pool aside from Seraph crystals - those only drop in UVHM. I thought he dropped his Seraphs as well, but you may just be having a bad run of luck.

I’ve only killed him from about 65 on up. In UVHM, he drops, in my perceived vague order of frequency: retchers (yay :-|), tattlers, evolutions, shreddifiers, hornets, kiss of death and norfleets. Then there are world drops from him. I haven’t mentioned all the purple and lower gear, cause no one cares about that.

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