Hyperius vs Hellborn Krieg

Sooo… I don’t really have any experience with the seraph-guardians. Tried a couple of times, but never get even close really… This is the first time I’m properly in UVHM with good gear and a feeling I might actually manage to kill one… Tried Hyperius with Sandhawk and Bee which did descent dmg to his loaders, and to him. But his nova kills me, and they all seem to be immune to dots? So how would I go about healing with Hellborn?? Main problem isn’t dmg, just staying alive, which normally isn’t a problem with Hellborn haha

Grog + Chain Lightning

aaaah lol! Haha, how could I forget! Thanx for the reminder tho :wink: will give it a shot when grog is acquired

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And I suppose a corrosive badaboom wouldn’t hurt. And a Quasar or another singularity… Think it’s kinda stupid how many tutorials on this boss already include the Norfleet, which is kinda the major reason many people want to kill him in the first place I reckon… :stuck_out_tongue:


That is EXACTLY why I recorded with no Norfleet. I don’t use gibbed and the jerk has only coughed up a slag Norfleet.

You’ve got a tutorial on youtube? “ribbed” ?

Kind of. Two videos showing him killed solo with Maya. Translates easily to other classes, though Krieg may take the Bee out. I’ve done it with Axton without using his turrets.

First video shows wearing down 3 ads. That one is less noteworthy:

Second is how I do it once the 3 are down. I leave up the last ad until Hype is dead:

@Slif_One, any tips for Hellborn Krieg?

Okay, yeah so it seems a combo of Bee and some corrosive weapon does it with the loaders… Have thought about it before too, that I might want to remove Delusional Damage, so I can use the Bee and do corrosive dmg without setting myself on fire…

For any character, generally advice is not to go down in this fight if you’re alone. I know it doesn’t always work like that of course :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t always carry a launcher as unless you’re very lucky there’s not much to get a second wind from :frowning: I’d be really intrigued to hear strategies with Krieg and this boss too… The Bee probably isn’t his thing and that means I risk ammo shortage

I haven’t done Hyperius with Krieg yet, though he is my next target and I’m also working on a coop kill. I’d say go Tediore, if you can get a few Gunerangs out before the fight then slag Hyperius that should do the job, if not wear his loaders down then unload Baby Makers in his face, you should have full stacks of Bloodlust and Elemental Elation by the time he’s unshielded. If you have a Flesh Crunch COM and Tediore Allegiance relic or explosive relic use them. I know it sounds cheap but Krieg isn’t as built for raiding as he is mobbing, though he has a few niches and can do some extraordinary things.

Here’s my latest video of killing Hyperius with Maya (My old one was flawed) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCpWdPHFRiA

If you can pull the loaders the same way I do in this video you can force their shields up with a Badaboom or E-tech launcher if you don’t have a Norfleet, then you’ll have ample time to build stacks on Hyperius and chuck Tediores. OR, you could get three of them down the way @Handsome_Dad does but finish them off with a Fastball which would activate Blood Bath, in that case have a Legendary Reaper equipped if you have one, you’ll get 14 seconds of +500% gun damage. The latter method would be safer and easier, though you could combine the two methods by meleeing one of Hyperius’s loaders to finish it off, which would activate Fuel the Blood for max damage from your Tediore reloads.

There are a few options here, just make sure you have that Grog-CL and don’t worry how long the fight takes just be patient and keep yourself alive, once his loaders are down or shielded you should be able to put out huge damage if you have the right gear and setup, when I get it right I’ll upload a video on how I did it.

Well I mean, both Hyperius and his minions seem to be resistent to dps, so ever when using corrosive with Delusional Damage, a Hellborn klieg won’t do very much skill based dmg. I reckon a corrosive Sand Hawk, Bee, and slag grenade slag should take them out fairly quick

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I need to try this. I have raided much with Krieg. It just goes against my nature to wear a Bee (it’s like imagining him wearing a shirt), but I think you’re right. I thought Hyperius was weak to fire though? Perhaps not DoT.

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Yeah, with FotF you can pretty much destroy anything except larger bosses and fire-resistant enemies, then the Bee is amazing, as long as you can keep your shield up. The Minions rockets are fairly easy to avoid so seems to work fine. Hyperius is probably vulnerable to fire tho, red health bar and all. He wears Slag right off, and might be immune to all other DoT as well…

Yeah, I have Hyp down to pat with my Maya but Krieg is somewhat different. Will get on it!

Krieg’s thrown axe goes through Hype’s shield… I almost got him this way once… I hit RtB in the middle of the double nova blasts to stay up (invincible animation through the 2nd nova) and keep chuckin’ that axe. Pretty much the method I saw mentioned on the wiki. Screwed up my timing though and went down, heh.

Probably not the best way to kill Hypey-boy but it was kind of a fun battle while it lasted. :wink:


You can one shot him with the right build, equipement and with the bot outside the arena.
You must have the Legendary Psycho + blue Diesel Blister, any roid shield to get the melee kill on the bot then switch to the Bee, the** Avenger**, the Pimpernel for slag, the Quazar and a fire Bone of the Ancients.

Here’s the build you’ll need : http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#55000505055051005500150005055000000

Bring the bot in the arena with Singularity grenades, stack Bloodlust then kill it with melee + Legendary Reaper and then switch to the Legendary Sickle, get to the right distance, equip the Bee, reload the Avenger, spam the Pimp on Hyperius and enjoy your kill :smiley:
Sadly, this only works once, it’s not a way to farm him but just really kill him once. You should also practice since it may be hard to get everything right (like the distance).

Hmm, I suppose I could try it, if I bother farming for the right gear, other than the stuff I have lol. What do u mean it only works once? Well I’ve been thinking achievement-wise I really want to kill all the raid bosses to get the “complete all side-quests” achievements, so 1 time is great, and then there will be other methods after that :slight_smile:

btw, to anyone, this looks viable to me. But I don’t know if this would work on lvl 72 UVHM considering the major health increase to enemies. And don’t u think it could work if u set urself on fire either via slag or corrosive dmg on the loader or fire dmg on Hyperius to get the full 110% weapon dmg?

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It only works once in the sense that you kill the bot outside so you’d need to save & quit and get all the way back to Hyperius instead of just walking right back into his arena for another kill.