HyperMoze Takedown build (M4)

Here to share the latest build I’ve setup. This time around Hyperion SMG’s, originally I was making it just for the recently buffed Hyperfocus XZ41 but got a Radiation Redistributor which took over as the main mobbing weapon. I know a couple similar builds have come out lately but I’ve been working on this for a while and I think I do things differently enough to warrant posting the build. As always the topic will include a build video and a Takedown video.

Normally I post True Takedown runs with my builds but I’ve come to realize most people run the scaled version so I will be using scaled runs instead to give a better idea what to expect if you play the build. I may add a TDD run later however. Normally I would add Slaughter Shaft gameplay with my build video but while it can do SS no problem I find the build much better suited to Takedowns and not too amazing in SS so it won’t include that.


  • Versatile Class Mod loadout.
  • Takedown viable both true and scaled.
  • Iron Bear only used in emergencies.
  • Hyperion SMGs with chaining capabilities and high fire rate to proc Short Fuse very often.


Click here for Skill Tree

  • Some points are optional to use as you see fit.
    • Since I rarely use Iron Bear, no Grizzled or AutoBear. Those points are used for Fire in the Skag Den which provides minimal damage, if you prefer you can just take 1 in Fire in the Skag Den for DOT procs for Consecutive hits.
    • If you use 125% Incen anoint you will want Grizzled instead. The displayed setup is around Consecutive Hits.
    • On the same note Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades points can also be moved around the blue tree as you see fit.
    • The Iron Bank and Rushin Offensive can be sacrificed to take 4 in Drowning in Brass if you want more damage.


  • Class mods -

    • Can use Green Monster, Blast Master, Mindsweeper effectively at your leisure.
      • Passives -
        • Smg damage, mag size, weapon damage, Hyperion damage or crit, weapon crit, splash damage(short fuse) - in that order.
  • Weapons -

    • Main weapons are Redistributor and Hyperfocus.
      • Anoints -
        • If you use Consecutive Hits I recommend Green Monster. If you use 125% Bear Incendiary I recommend Blast Master. Mindsweeper is interchangeable according to playstyle preferences. I don’t recommend other anoints for this build.
  • Artifact -

    • Last Stand Victory Rush is my preference but you can use what you like.
      • Passives -
        • Smg damage, mag size, weapon damage are most preferable, I do like to have grenade damage as well.
  • Shields -

    • Big Boom Blaster highly recommended due to not using splash weapons. But you can use other shields if you prefer according to playstyle.
      • Since Iron Bear is only entered for emergencies I highly recommend +75% health and shield anoint for a more healthy recovery.
  • Grenade Mod -

    • As usual a multi-tracker grenade is highly recommended. Or a Spring Epicenter if you prefer.
      • +25% on grenade thrown anoint is highly preferable.


  • Build Breakdown -

  • Takedown runs

    • Green Monster version -
    • Blast Master version -

Looks about right… Clearly we have all been on a Consecutive Hits roll, ha. Good work as usual

I think at this point it’s pretty safe to say it’s Moze’s best anoint hands down.


Agreed. She’s got so many ways to ramp up those stacks quickly, and then keep them there.

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yeah, i’m really enjoying it too.

there are situational exceptions, but its definitely the best general anoint.

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It’s definitely opening up possibilities for me. A little off topic, but I think there is a lot of potential with Torgue stickies, anything with an initial hit and then delayed explosions while you reload. (Echo, Duc, WI, potentially Krakatoa, Bangsticks, etc.) You aren’t going to build stacks as quickly, but it would be very easy to maintain them even while reloading, even without DoT ticks…

Definitely. I’m currently rocking a cryo kybs with the consecutive hits annoit and it freezes everything so quickly once the annointment has maxed out.


Your grenades and dot will up keep consecutive hits for any gun.

I am well aware, haha. Did quite a bit of Consecutive Hits testing on this forum actually.

Got my hands on a rad redistributor and 3 Hyperfocus (Corrosive, Cryo and Shock) paired with a GM mod with Wpn and SMG dmg it just melts the SS (going to try the takedown today), my only concern it’s the shield, im using a Transformer or Stop Gap with 75% extra shield/hp they keep me alive on SS, i will try the BBB eventually.
Solid build as usual bud.

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If you don’t have the Big Boom Blaster I recommend moving 4 points from Fire in the Skag Den (so you would be left with 1 point there) and 1 point from Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades and put 5/5 Grizzled. This will let you hop in Iron Bear more often not only for survival but to help catch up on nade regen.


Yes, i put 5/5 on grizzled and my IB cooldown it’s very low since i only use it to refill nades with rockets if i need to. I don’t use that many nades because the redistributor does the job on keeping the dot overtime.

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hi everyone can you tell me where can i farm Hyperfocus XZ41 please?

the power troopers (power rangers easter egg) in the atlas HQ map.

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One FYI on the Hyperfocus from someone who has farmed up about a dozen of them over the past week – the body, mag, grip, shield and stock are fixed. The only variable parts are the scope (no effect on weapon stats), rail (very marginal effect on ROF and reload), and elemental damage type.

grip is not fixed. i farmed a bunch tonight and they had varying grips. it can spawn the damage grip, which is a good thing.

Ah – must have missed that or am just unlucky. Thanks for the tip.

yeh, of the ones i farmed all but one had the same grip. but yeh, the 35 mag is the only one it spawns with.

also, if you’re trying to maximize output, avoid the ones with 38 mag size on the card. that rail specifically has +10% mag size but -5% damage. the wrong rail and grip vs. the right grip and any other rail is a pretty significant base damage difference.

tyvm <3