Hyperspace ability

I know that Hiigaran and Vaygr ships require the proper subsystems in order to enable hyperspacing. But what about Kushan and Taiidan ships? Which ships are “born” with the hyperspace ability? Thanks.

With just about any ship, you can add an ability, such as move ability, docking, etc. Take the ion cannon frigate for hiig. There is this line by default:


That 0 I believe is the ability to jump innately, with 0 being no, and 1 being yes. I just tried it out, and by editing that number, I could jump the frigate… do try and let us know, as I may be wrong.

One of the things that I am not sure of is what exactly allows the AI to hyperspace ships. in HW2 classic it seemed like it was a combination of the hyberspace module, the line mentioned above and the ability to build hyperspace modules and being called ‘carrier’ or ‘battlecruiser’ and being in the HGN_ or VGR_ races, I was never able to get the AI to hyperspace any of my mod ships

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In the Homeworld Classic mod there is an option to disable hyperspace. Currently, it runs a script every few frames seconds that disables the hyperspace ability of everyone’s ships. This script causes noticeable lag.

I was wondering if there were another solution using .ship files, but one not requiring edits to EVERY SINGLE .ship file.

You might want to bring that up with @BitVenom because that would be a bug or oversight that needs fixing.

It was a hardcoded list of ships that the AI could recognise as hyperspace capable. I had forgotten about this! Was this exposed to modding @BitVenom?