HyperSpace Glitch(?) and MP Lag


I’m a rather new player but I love HW after playing it with my buddies. I tried to use the search to look for the following issues and didn’t see anything so I apologize if it has been brought up:

  1. In a number of MP games I have sent a BC into hyperspace, but then nothing happens. The unit becomes un-clickable in game and basically useless. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it’s happened multiple times now.

  2. Lag. Lots of lag on 4v4’s. We even used VPN and create a LAN game but the entire game just stops. then goes, then stops. Any suggestions on this? The slowest net in the group is 20mbps. All US players.

Again, if these have already been answered I apologize, just trying to see what we can do to have a more enjoyable experience.

I have noticed my battlecruisers (maybe other ships, too) become unclickable when I try to hyperspace them, but I have found out it’s because of Hyperspace Inhibitors or Gravity Well generators of an enemy nearby.

Okay, so just try to find them and destroy them? Even with an empty map I can’t move the ships… so I don’t know.
thanks for the reply.

This has happened to my MS twice. Last time I never regained control. Passing enemy units would fire, but no one actually stopped and attacked it. Not sure if the enemy player was passing by because my ally was more of a threat or if they couldn’t see it at all.

Good to know! I hope that ships becoming unclickable is a FEATURE (to indicate a gravwell-immobilized ship) that happens to just have a bug (it doesn’t become clickable again after the time span a jump would take)…