Hyperspace module on homeworld 2 vaygr

have played this game since forever .
but i cant still understand how to make hyperspace module on mother ship.
when game stars first is research module next hyperspace module to make big fight ships, but hyperspace module is BLANK ,always BLANK.
sugesstions what im doing wrong?
but im happy tried multiplayer games

You have to research hyperspace gates then the hyperspace module can be built.

So build research module - research HS. Gates - then build hyperspace modules.

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1 research module. when its done you can install HYperspace module.
but my module hyperspace is inactive after installed 1 research module.
have instaled - tried on mother ship and second ship, its same- icon is inactive .
and research i have upgraded or installed Shipyard

OK,just realised HS GATES OMG!!! now i understad, thanks you. HS is gates not weapon, soo dump . i have always played HIIGARA ,but there it was only gun platform.
thanks you

Happy to help, enjoy now jumping with Vaygr.

thanks :slight_smile:
have played this game for long time,
anyway how to play online or? something similar to Homeworld 2?
i tried supreme commander 1 and 2
but after 2-3 h paying, game is slow -graphic or maybe RAM,hmm