Hyperspace overshoots the destination

This bug is so game breaking and also happens to almost everybody.

Singleplayer, multyplayer, whenever I issue a long distance Hyperspace command to my ships ( hyperspacing across small distances work) they overshoot the destination point and go on until they are pulled out by grav wells or reach the end of the map…


I don’t think we have a report of this (I could be wrong, certainly) - any time I’ve used it things have gone just fine…

Can you provide some video or point at some that shows a repro of this?

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This has been reported in the mega thread. It is extremely common and easy to replicate.

Continuing the discussion from Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD:

They work a lot like mobile warp disruptors or Interdictors in Eve currently. It’s cool, if it’s supposed to work like that but I am not sure if they are. Definately something that needs to be explained thoroughly with pictures (why I asked for pics that the poster kindly provided)

ps if it is a bug then it’s a pretty damn awesome one haha :smiley:

The grav well kind of ‘suck’ a ship towards it that never touched its boundries and in one game I played last night has actually pulled a ship twice as far as I hyperspaced. Quite amusing.

I think the fastest way is to start a game and order some longer jumps, like more than 3000-4000 m

Here is a link:

tomorow i’ll try to record some footage…but as i said, it is very easy to duplicate the bug

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Does it seem like there’s a sort of break-over for short & accurate vs long & wrong?

I have played MP almost exclusively in the “Terah” map. So, those hyper ranges are what I use as a baseline. Distance from one patch to the opposing patch.

I had zero issues over many games… until the first update. These games are played in MP against the AI with and without human team mates. I have not tested in the single player part with the “vs cpu” option.

I have no clue how that update could make the slightest difference in hyper/gravwell behavior.

My current issues have included(and do not always occur)…

  1. Hypering to the edge of gravwell properly… but taking damage from the Terah radiation cloud that the ships never touched on exit or entry. It is approximately the damage that the ships in question would have taken slow-boating through the cloud.

  2. Having a task force exit smeared across the map in a line that allows them to be picked off with embarrassing ease by the expert AIs that I usually play against. It is like they bounced off the gravwell. Now if that would be made a documented feature… I would laugh and adapt by never hypering near a gravwell…

  3. Exit at gravwell edge but not be immediately able to jump back out. The ship should at the edge upon exit… not buried in the well.

  4. Single BC jumps and DD jumps have had hilarious yet disastrous consequences with exits well away from target but near another player’s forces. It is like a sadism algorithm has been inserted by an evil coder. Why exit in empty space when there is a fleet nearby?

Then there are games that run along just fine.

I have been able to find no correlation among the variables. Human or AI, time of day, number of games since last reboot… the hyper bug hits when it pleases and then vanishes; giggling in the dark.

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Oh yeah, this thing needs fixing asap.


When hyperspacing a ship to say the middle of the map on Crimsons Bond, if an opponent has a hyperspace inhibitor/gravity well on the other side of the map, your ship will go past the middle of the map and land on the border of the enemies hyperspace inhibitor/gravity well instead. This bug is really bad for multiplayer games; instead of your battlecruiser hyperspacing to your allies as intended, it can end up landing deep in enemy territory.

This is definitely a bug, and is not how hyperspacing worked in hw1 or 2.

Can also attest that I had this happen to me last night. It sucked; wound up losing the ships I was hyperspacing to reinforce my fleet because they wound up deep in enemy territory alone and getting swamped.

Edit: More details: Was playing Taiidan. The instance I can remember it specifically occurring (not just seeing it after the fact and thinking it occurred) was when I hyperspaced a single Missile Destroyer just built from my MS to my main fleet, causing it to overshoot and land at the edge of the enemy’s Gravity Well, well into enemy territory.

This seems common when hypering destroyers and bigger.

I’ve had a friend get this, but only with Hiigarans cause that’s all she plays and since I hardly ever play Hiigarans myself I’ve yet to see it happen to me.

Happened to ma playing vaygr. Doesn’t seem to be race dependent.



Have there been any developments on this issue, like any statements what it could be (cause) and whether it’ll get fixed?
Quite some MP matches have been suddenly turned (i.e. ruined, got from a certain winning situation to a likely lost situation) around by BC’s jumping to complete wrong coordinates, like arriving in the middle of a Bomber swarm with around half of their health lost.

Btw, this happens with every form of Hyperspace, including using Vaygr Hyperspace Gates. The smaller the craft is, the less chance that the jump will overshoot (which can, as stated previously, be seen with Hyperspace Sensors, you see your jump going far further than the destination, then shoots back to destination to arrive correctly, however if it meets an inhibitor field, it gets stopped there, much further than the original destination), so BC’s, Destroyers and Frigates always overshoot, Corvettes and Fighters often do it (very rarely they didn’t).

Also, this is not from an update, since I’ve obtained an unupdated (v1.2 instead of v1.22 currently), pirated version of the game (as I had no idea how to downgrade it in the Steam version and I have v1.22), and the problem persists.

The last update (just now, March 19th) did not solve this issue yet.

After starting to encounter this issue in more and more matches, I may have noticed something that can help explain it, but I think the devs should already know what the problem is about.

If you build hyperspace sensor module, you can see all hyperspace signatures in the sensor view. One thing readily noticeable even without them, is that when you try to jump a ship, you’ll see a ‘ping sphere’ along the path, which shows where your ship presumably is while in the hyperspace. If you watch this ping, you’ll see that the sphere keeps traveling in the straight line to the edge of the map and further, until your ship exits the hyperspace, at which point this ping sphere suddenly jumps to the exit point. So, the hyperspace code keeps drawing this ping until exit event is encountered, then moving it to the exit point.

Well, I think there may be a sequencing issue with the hyperspace code. Ship in hyperspace keeps traveling in a straight line until one of the two events occur: either it reaches its destination or it encounters a hyperspace inhibitor and is forced to exit at that point. Now, logically thinking the earliest event that occurs should be the one that is the closest to the originating jumping point. If exit point is closer, ship should exit the hyperspace normally. If an inhibitor is encountered before that, then the ship should exit at its edge. For whatever reason, while the hyperspace code keeps drawing the ping sphere pass the exit point, it encounters an inhibitor event before it can check if the exit point is reached. So the code gets interrupted with the ‘inhibitor event reached’ and ship is placed on the inhibitor’s edge, instead of the exit point. I’m not sure what’s causing the ping sphere to keep going pass the exit point, but an easy fix (well, at least in my mind) is to always check for the ‘exit point reached’ event prior to checking for ‘inhibitor encountered’ event.

A very cumbersome workaround for this is to angle your jumps so that the path never encounters an inhibitor even pass the exit point. For example, angle just to the right or just above the inhibitor sphere’s edge. It would be nice if this was fixed in the next patch, though.