Hyperspace Sensors

I’m trying to enable Hyperspace sensors in a ship without the use of a subsystem but contrary to other abilities of subsystems this doesn’t have any particular string that enable it on the subs file, so how can I transfer the ability without the subsystem, if possible?

Anyone ever figure this out? Trying to do the same thing myself right now, to give the Kushan/Taiidan Sensors Array this ability.

Seems I’d have to add a hardpoint, and then add an innate hyperspace sensors subystem to these ships.

Perhaps Ship Patching can help here, but the Kushan ship doesn’t have any hardpoints/navlights that I can use to avoid the Ship Patching bug in v2.1. -_-

If I remember correctly, I’ve added Subsystems to the Root point before instead of using a Hardpoint. Also setting its Icon as hidden (and possibly a few other settings, haven’t done this in quite a while) will make the subsystem “invisible”.

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Hidden icon, that’s something I haven’t heard yet. Interesting.