Hyperspace woes

In a match a few days ago I told my carrier to hyperspace, and after giving it an order I was unable to click it for 10 seconds and then it hyperspaced. I’ve had similar things happen where telling a ship to hyperspace will have it sit still and do nothing for a long time and then either hyperspace or just return to a controllable state with no audio queue or anything. Ships will also refuse to hyperspace if collectors are docking. If I tell a carrier to hyperspace, all collectors should be immediately kicked off and the ship should hyperspace or the carrier should hyperspace and take the collectors with it.

If I tell something to hyperspace and there is an inhibitor, there should be an immediate voiceline or buzz or something telling me that I cannot hyperspace. A ship can be inhibited from hyperspace by an inhibitor that’s out of visual sight and there’s often no way to tell. Sometimes an audio queue plays when entering a field, sometimes it does not. There needs to be something more reliable.

I usually hear a “hyperspace inhibitor detected”. However, I am wondering if the same warning works for hw1 grav wells.

I had mentioned this same exact thing many moons ago. There used to be a more prominent warning like “Hyperspace inhibitor detected!”

But in addition to the warning when entering the field, there needs to be something when you try to hyperspace from within the field. The field is so large and extends beyond visual range that it’s hard to tell if you are in it or not.