Hypothetical Question Blast Master vs Bloodletter

My Blast Master is my go to

But I have an interesting Bloodletter I seldom use
+5 Desparate Measures …
perks just so so but it is an automatic 85% gun damage boost with a Deathless relic combo

All time…85% base gun damage boost is nothing to sneeze at

Buuut I give up a Blast Master with Redistribution and
Grenade Damage
Splash Damage
Splash damage Radius

On Moze…what is kind of rule of thumb…

Splash bonuses…in this case larger Radius and approx 131% Splash if Blast Master has kicked in fully

Or…85% all time base gun damage?

Huh, plus 5 in DM? Doesn´t sound legit.

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Blast Master with a few points in Drowning in Brass should be better as a general. Though the 160% splash anoint would probably even the odds.

Also yeah +5 DM on a com is modded.

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Huh…I did get this given to me…so this one you may be right…but I just had a Green Monster with +5 in Iron bank drop the other night…and remember seeing some + 5s drop on coms that I had no interest in.

It is very rare…but it has happened.

I’m 65 and I may be remembering this wrong…but I don’t think so because it is so rare.

Are you certain?

I mean I won’t toss it…but I won’t use it in coop.

The best a class mod can do is double the points a skill can have naturally. So iron bank as a 5 point skill can get +5 but DM as a 3 pointer gets a max of +3.


No clue…was given to me by a friend no longer playing

But I swear I have seen +5’s on other coms…

But it is VERY VERY rare…admittedly

I will ask the guys in the know…l

Makes perfect sense…thanks.

John the Tediore Chucker AND the modder

Will wonders never cease…lol

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Im in agreement with @Prismatic ; ive only seen a +5 to DM once, and that was a youtuber that got reamed out by followers for using modded gear; also sparked a group of people in trades looking for it
(Tedi chucking is well within the realms of borderlands; only frowned apon as its not a character specific build)

Probably where my friend got this one. Because I know this guy is not a modder. He can’t even fix a toilet let alone this “computer stuff.”

Don’t ask me how I know he can’t fix a toilet…
Not a memory I want to revisit…:grin:

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The rule i follow; is distribute your eggs to as many baskets as you can; if most are in 1 the gain is usually smaller.
In the case of blastmaster; a weapon type damage boost (eg; 31%smg) will rais the damage output more than a % splash boost as BM has the 100% built in

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For me the best way to test these is to run against some bosses, rare spawns, proving grounds, and takedown. You should get an overall feel of the overall performance of the build.

My main benchmark is Psychobillies, The Untouchable, El Dragon, Proving Grounds Fervor, Graveward, Maliwan Takedown. If I get the same result, I’ll stick to the build that I had played the most.

Edit: The gun damage might be strong but it’s not just all about gun damage.

I had the same mod, it was on a save shared by K6 of all people. All of us can get fooled, sadly.

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As others have stated above, your class mod there is 100% NOT legit. However, +3 DM to make it 6/3, would still make it a 100% gun damage boost with a Deathless relic.

And this is one of the cruxes of Blast Master vs Bloodletter comparisons, if not THE biggest crux of them all. There are cases where the Bloodletter can potentially do more damage per shot depending on the gear you’ve got, but a lot of people tend to underestimate the added DPS you get from Redistribution across an entire magazine, from simply not having to reload as much/at all and that includes the difference between just 1/1 and 2/1 points in it as well.

It would help to know what exactly your skill build looks like. Then again, you might just have to test this out in a standard area like Athenas for example, and deduce for yourself which one performs better. Do a run with one class mod and then a second run with the other, and compare how you did. This is what I do if I’m trying to compare weapons or pieces of gear with each other to determine which one feels better. If nothing else, Moze is one of those characters whose skill trees are tailored in such a way where you could profit a hell of a lot from the class mod which boosts the skills you didn’t spend points on.

Case in point, my main build is mostly invested in the SoR tree for all the gun damage skills and boosting the max capacity of the Big Boom Blaster. But I wear a Blast Master for the bonus splash damage, plus bonus points for Vampyr and PtHP which I don’t have enough points to reach. With gun damage and splash damage both accounted for, I look mostly for 125% bonus fire damage for the anointed gear.

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Sounds very interesting…and I like the idea of mixing a BBB with SoR.

I just honestly don’t use SoR very much…

Can you post this build?

That must have been where my bud got it…He is a huge K6 fan. But I am no angel and have gotten saves from people…just not K6.

Although my Tediore chucking stuff I totally did by myself…for realsies…

It took 6 weeks and was a bit#$!

Sooo…in the end you are kinda faced with…take FOREVER to farm for the awfully specific stuff which is not necessarily fun…at all.

Or…cough…cough…save files…

Or…just lighten up and quit trying to be a min maxer and have fun…

I’m a nice guy but admit to being a “Type A” personality and stubborn as hell.

NOT min maxing is hard NOT to do…for me…

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FYI — class mod skill points are capped at the skill’s max number of points, so while the +5 Iron Bank GM is legit, the +5 DM Bloodletter is not.

FWIW, I‘ve mostly moved away from using the Blast Master unless I need it for the skill points. The +160% splash anoint is much more flexible.

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this is why i’m moving towards the kill stack anoint for my mobbing weapons. i want to try it specifically with this build to see how it helps with the reload situation.

There is really no shame in my opinion. At the end of the day is a matter of how much you value your time.
I usually farm all of my stuff, but if I want to try very specific things that would take a lifetime to put together I don’t hesitate to resort to sharing. I can play only so much during the weekend; I like more to test the results of certain combination than spend the entire day farming for an item that may very well not drop at all.


I agree. Sharing and trading is the only way you’re going to be able to refine builds. And using those builds to make farming quicker is great.

The stuff I farm myself is where I get my wackier ideas from like recently I got a decent mod with vladof weapon fire rate.

Have any of you used an ogre with a vladof fire rate increase on your mod? If you beef the mag capacity and ammo regen it’s pretty great. When you have 18s to do as much damage as possible, massive fire rate increases start to show their value.

Of course it’s not the typical ideal roll for a bonus stat but it’s something you farmed yourself and came up with. You can’t trade for stuff like that. I see no issue with everyone trading the same few things around just so we can all make our perfect builds and then focus on making unique builds.

If everyone was trying to farm those god roll mods and weapons there wouldn’t be time for creativity.

And of course there’s obviously nothing wrong with not trading either.

I would be kind of upset if I was given a fake item and didn’t know it though. How exactly does that happen? Is it only on pc?

yeah. there are save editors that allow you to mess with items. most use them for optimizing parts, but there are people that just make totally impossible items, such as the Atlas Vindicator Ghast Call i was sent.

i get their use, to a point. parts variation on guns in BL3 is obscene. there’s way too many combinations (most have 8-10, but the highest are 13-14 varying part/accessory slots) and the performance of some weapons swings massively based the part assembly. Hyperion and jakob’s shotguns are a really good example. their potential output with maxed out pellet count is ridiculous compared to their minimums. the x25 coachgun is a combination of rolling the coachgun barrel out of the 3 possible barrel types and 4 correct parts, 2 of which are accessory slot parts, meaning that there isn’t even a guarantee that the weapon rolls a part in that slot.

or take the Conference call. a base level parts-incorrect conference call doesn’t even functionally do damage. a parts correct redundant CC is one of the highest exploit free DPS weapons in the game. it can drop TVHM M4 GW before the platform tilts, which is crit swapping scourge territory. these optimized shotgunss aren’t functionally usable due to pellet count knockback, but the point stands that the variability in item quality makes play testing extremely difficult without the use of an editors to ensure the quality of the test. a lot of the builds we have for all VHs are based around items that don’t need to roll insanely well, either because they have little to no variation on the pieces that matter, or they’re just powerful in any form.

artifacts are another variation obscenity. just to get the correct base artifact you want, you need to roll a 1/16 secondary ability, then a 1/25 primary ability (there are 19 secondaries, but 3 are from specific sources only). then, you roll 1/29 primary stats and 2/34 secondary stats. the probability of getting the correct artifact to roll with even 2 of the stats you want is insane.

i don’t condone their usage, but if your enjoyment from the game is theorycrafting builds and then testing them, i don’t think BL3 supports that kind of player in its current item variability, because the chance of having an optimized weapon is so improbably low.

EDIT: if anyone played high end late game diablo 2 PVP, Rare ethereal repair weapons and armour pieces for ZvZ and BvB are the closest comparability i can think of for the parts variation rarity in Bl3.

EDIT2: this is also before accounting for the correct anointment.