I 3D printed Moze's Belt Buckle

So I designed and 3D printed Moze’s Belt Buckle.

For the tech nerds, this was 3D printed on a Prusa Mk3S paired to a Mosaic Palette 2. All of it is 3D printed, no paint!
To get more than 4 colours (maximum a Palette can use) I added sub layers of other colours in the 3D model, a bit like how cel animation works, so that they show through the top 0.1mm layer.
Modelling it without all the shading took an hour, and then spent another hour adding the shading and bending my mind a little trying to work out how to boolean intersect/union which parts at good layer heights to get the right shading results. [I ended up making and 3D printing a separate simple CAD model to visualise it easier!]

I’m pretty damn happy with how it turned out.
When I have some downtime from work, I might try my hand at modelling Zane’s drone.

Also, thanks so much to the team for the cosplay reference guides. They’re excellent…!


A badass example of what can be achieved by combining different diciplines.