I absolutely can not get DX12 to work (SOLVED)

I’ve already reinstalled the game and AMD drivers, reset the shader chache, whitelisted all borderlands related files on Windows Defender, checked for memory problems, increased TdrDelay to fix the constant BSoD, and it still does not work. The farthest I’ve got was on sanctuary where it stuttered and froze every time a new object loaded, but then it would crash on fast travel. One thing to note is that my HDD screams in agony at 100% usage at all times while the game is running on DirectX12. I use an SSD to hold all my games and my HDD holds windows 10 since transferring OS accross drives causes rectal inversion.

Here’s my specs:
Windows 10 64-Bit
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
and just in case, Mobo: Asrock B450M PRO4

EDIT: To save the scrolling of those who have similar problems, just put BL3 on the same drive as your operating system.

Have you tried it on Dx11? Dx11 will throttle it down to one CPU core. I’m thinking of rolling back to 11 because I can’t record on 12.

I have tried dx11; the performance is subpar.

It is, for sure, :(. I can run Badass on 12…well. I actually run badass on 11 too. But that’s cause I’m stubborn and deal with the ticks. :confused:

Sadly its probably the RAM or hard drive space. I have 32 GB with a similar video card and processor, and with everything turned off except necessary software (Windows, AV, Catalyst) I idol around 6 GB of RAM. Also having your OS on a HDD is going to cause a bottle neck, because if runs out of room it starts using the HDD as swap space and grinds further. Most SSD makers offer transfer tools to move an OS to an SSD and works great, so I would also do that.

Also as stated you may be running out of HDD or SSD space as things make bigger and bigger swap files when you run out of RAM. The problem is your drives would only be full when in the game, and when you quick the swap files are supposed to be purged.

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This makes sense. I have either 32 or 64 gb ram (I…have a bad memory…and this is incredibly ironic)

Yeah, from what I’ve observed from resource monitor, my SSD dumps everything onto my HDD faster than it can process. I’m reluctant to try to transfer operating systems due to the nightmare that is reactivating windows again, do you think that getting extra ram would help?

Also, both drives have ~500GB of free space. If the swap files manage to exceed that amount, that means there could be a nasty memory leak in the game.

I have used both Creative and Samsung software to transfer a OS HDD to a SSD. I have done this both with Windows 7 and 10 and never had to “reactivate” windows. That is because for some reason it is not considered a major change like replacing a motherboard or a processor. Also the few times I have had to “reactivate” windows 10, it took about 12 hours for my request to process via email and then it worked.

Yeah, I just bit the bullet and copied drives. It didn’t work so I installed windows on my SSD (thankfully the same key worked). Unfortunately, I accidentally formatted my games folder, so the status of DX12 functionality is to be determined.

Alright, seems that borderlands needs to be on the same drive as the OS in order for DirectX12 to work. Performs a lot better, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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