I actually think Zane is in a good spot

First, it’s not my intention to disregard what others have said about him being weak. That’s also true. I think we all -who main Zane- know he has so much potential lost due to skills that don’t synergize that well, etc.

Was doing M4 Takedown’s last day with Fl4k, with happens to be my other main, and so I decided to test Zane. While the fight itself longed for 6 to 7 minutes, which isn’t that bad in my oppinion, it was a succesful first try at the raid. I didn’t even had the CCC standard build -aka, my Zane wasn’t behind the barrier all the time-.

Mobbing in the hardest areas is great too (to me, outside arenas, Anvil is the key place to test a build), altho I’ve had difficulties when RNG decided to spawn 3-4 Annointeds at the same time, thus negating my kill skills boosts. Otherwise, it’s damage is great. Of couse, it’d be even better, but enough to enjoy Mayhem 4 and kill things fast. What I think is hindering Zane the most is:

  • His dependance on Kill Skills. He really needs to trigger his kill skill abilities to be able to do anything worthy.

  • His dependance on annointed gear. I’ve noticed his performance drops sustantially when under non-annointed gear.

From my point of view annointed gear should count as an extra, and so, the actual performance between annointed and non-annointed geared character shouldn’t be that noticeable. Having a 100% ASE annointed weapon is always nice, but it shouldn’t make the difference between “oh, look at how fast I’m killing things” and “why am I suffering to kill this badasses”.

Btw, in one of those runs I found an Antifreeze COM, which I’d like to share with one of you who I know have been farming for it for hours. It’s not optimal, altho its selected skills are great, but it does nothing for me.

Greetings my fellow Zane mains, and keep kickin’ ass on M4.


You solod M4 ? What was your build?

It’s similar to the one sin tee is using in this video

Altho my Brainstormer has the Redundant prefix (I’ve like 3 cash infused ones but I personally preffer the first one) and other minor differences between annointed gear. Another difference is that I always kill the upper part of Wotan -using the corrosive Cutsman- first and then the lower part, because the upper part spawns strikers which by themselves represent 95% of the difficulty in that fight and you can control its movement by standing in a corner instead of running. Once you’ve killed the upper part the boss is done and getting there is just a matter of running non-stop while using barrier everytime.

The skill points are the same. I don’t switch between SNTL and digi-clone while moving (it’s optimal to do so but so boring too), only at Wotan. Due to Transformer plus Which One’s Red augment along with Zane’s movement speed you can get rid of the aggro most of the time and buy time for your barrer to come back.

I main Zane now with FL4k on backburner.

Your post further points out why Zane is not in the best spot. I am running CCC / Clone/Dome. When testing my builds from the get go I always run through on M1 1st and work up. I have a lot of builds on Zane that in theory should be fantastic and did so M1-M3, but on M4 they fall flat. When testing Fl4k builds they did at least somewhat decent and some did better than others and I could fine tune it. My Fl4k runs a rakk bounty hunter builds, not the OP GOD builds people use, but one for my playstyle and he melts enemies on M4 just fine. He is however a lot more spongy than Zane.

Zane on the other hand has the best survive-ability on M4. I can tank damage like no business either by avoiding or shield. But side by side Fl4k just clears so much faster. My fl4k can do it faster with non anointed gear as well.

Fl4k should kill faster, but even like you pointed out, it takes substantially amount longer.

What would make Zane right is nothing even significant to get him on par with the rest, and that is the biggest complaints.

Clone tree is well designed around grenades, yet only about 3 grenades scale well to M4.