I ain't even mad

So I just had a match where my team consisted of 2 players going against 5. Best part is the enemies highest level was 19 and the second was 9(insert strength in numbers metaphor). Anyone who has played 4v5 knows that losing one player makes a difference. You can still win, but you have to be on point. 2v5 though? You are boned. Normally I get irritated, because it is always my team with the handicap. I mean it, you have no idea how many times it is 4v5 for me or worse. On the otherhand I think since I’ve been playing, I’ve face maybe 6 teams with less than 5. The best part is it was 2v5 from the very beginning. But for some reason I couldn’t help but laugh as we got pounded into the dirt. And if you are wondering: Kleese and Benedict vs Rath, Miko, Pendles, Kelvin and OM.

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I had one of the most glorious 3v5 moments playing with a couple of Japanese people about a week ago. It was 2 masters one of Oscar Mike and orendi and me as caldarius who had finally gotten comfortable with preference of play style and build. Game started and we rushed to the center and in my mind I was like “well gonna throw up the surrender option whenever it pops up…” But we held mid. We even pushed them back to there choke point…

It was an incredible match. We had about 12 deaths between us and about 4x the amount of kills. Just white knuckle edge of your seat amazingness. Even messaged them both afterwards telling them it was an honor to have played with them


What mode?

I had the fun opportunity of being in a 2v5 scenario a few days ago. I was Attikus, the other was Thorn. Also, it was Echelon. Pretty fun though even if it was a defeat.

This was on Meltdown.

Ah sorry was incursion on overgrowth

had the same thing last night. Where you on my team? I like how people call for surrender and then when it doesn’t pass they drop. So effing annoying.

pfft, sorry pal. Meltdown is unplayable without a full team. Not only that, but because it’s a 5v5, you can’t evenly distribute lane presence. xD Meltdown takes Counter Strike levels of teamplay.

I might have been. But it was literally only Kleese and Benedict from the beginning.

But yeah, you really just want their (insert console here) to explode when they do that.

LMAO, I want their head to explode when they do that.