I am a level 15 krieg need to be power levled

Hello can you please power level me y psn is XxiiDaNnYiixX

I said I would take the op8 infinite pistol

Its not free

What u want

You still need help?

Yes what lvl are you?

I’m level 72 you on ps4?

Yes mind if my friend comes too?

Sure but I gotta go to bed I can do it in the morning if you can wait?

Are you uk?

Yeah 10 characters

Ok nice i am uk too i will be on early all day just add me now

Sorry It had to be 10 characters

what do you mean

You have to type 10 letters.

Ok just add me and we can do it tommorow

I’ll be up at nine

Me around 10 or 11 how long will you do it till

In a couple of hours

Anyway just add me on psn XxiiDaNnYiixX