I am a lvl.16 Gladiator and i would like somebody to play with

As the topic says I would like somebody to play with so just tell me if you would like to

I would love to play. Gt: A Derpy Killer

I’ll play with anyone! Gamertag: ThunderClapGo

Do you have a mic?

Do you have a microphone so we can talk?

Me too… hit me up on xbox one GT: pajama dad

I’ll be on later tonight, around 10 pacific.

I have a mic, though I don’t often use it. I like my wired controller more than the regular microsoft controller.

Feel free to add me as well. GT: xxd0nt tr1pxx

Same here

My gamer tag is Snatch Beef I’ve got a level 50 something gunslinger

I’m down to to play bl2 or tps. My gt is Nickoftime81 feel free to add me and msg or prty invite me.