I am actually quite ticked off

And this from a die hard with hundreds of hours in this game who defends it constantly…

3 stinking level points…THREE…which is juuuust far enough to trick my man-max brain to go through the torture of reframing EVERYTHING. More mindless grinding…oh joy…

While at the same time not being able to hit two capstones simultaneously in my builds as I would have needed FOUR points to do that… (just ONE more stinking point!)

How clever…how clever indeed…

Sooooo ”Destiny Like”

Mindless grinding for VERY little reward and at the same time tries to cover design flaws and lack of foresight.

And yes…no cutscenes and turning off Gurardian Rank are very welcome additions (although one could argue they should have been in the game day one)…

But no announcements of “ true“ additional content (you know that little old thing called DLC’s) and ESPECIALLY no mention of new RaIds is just…beyond disappointing. Turning off Guardian rank will allow solid speed runs and competitions…but if there are no raids to highlight the competitions…who cares??

Today’s info just ticked me off and probably a TON of other folks. The Pax announcements better be good to avert the sh1t storm coming. I hope I am totally overreacting and I am just flat wrong…

But I fear I am not…


I hear ya man. Hell I’ve saw you around since the BL2 days. Love your contributions on Axton.

Anyways, I feel the same way.

At this point in time, I’m just tired of the shenanigans and am just gunna go ahead and pack it up. I’ll most likely be back after all the content is released and pick it up then. As for now, I’m just thankful that I stayed true to myself and held out on buying any season passes or dlc until I was able to access what direction Gearbox is going.

Their current direction is not for me. It’s certainly gunna feel weird not playing Borderlands/Battleborn after playing them almost exclusively for the past 5+ years but I’m sure there are plenty of other games to enjoy.

Fight on fellow badasses! See ya around.


Glad I decided to take a break months ago lol. Will probably play the V-day stuff if there is new content just to level and break until next new content or cap raise.

Honestly this wouldn’t be as bad if there were not months of downtime between updates really kills everyone, the people grinding the whole time and the people who forget about the game cause it’s been just too long.

So I get the level cap thing, the community seems pretty split on it . . . but the thread took a weird turn when the OP started talking about “true additional content”.

The game will get more DLC. Just because we don’t have it yet, doens’t mean we won’t. That doesn’t mean it’s ready either, but what can you do? What do you reasonably want? Faster content, or better content?

I dunno, you seem to complain about every good thing we’re getting, even invoking the dreaded “should have been there at day one” while casting fears on future support for the game. Just doesn’t seem that constructive to me. But maybe you’re just venting :slightly_smiling_face:


@johnrr6 :acmaffirmative:
@ckx00000 :acmaffirmative:

Well said ckx! I’ve been on the fence, not sure whether I should step away for a bit, let this all settle and hit the ground running when it’s available on Steam.

Most of my disappointment comes from reading these threads. The forum has become toxic in my opinion. All the negativity…

I reflect upon myself and realize I’d be enjoying the game much more if I didn’t read what was coming, or what’s currently wrong, etc.

Before social media, I’d just fire up my game and play. find out exploits from randoms, or youtube vids. back in the Nintendo days, I’d go look at Gamer magazines to see how to beat a boss I have troubles with.

Get back to the basics, reignite your vigor and ambition. your desire to whimsy and murder. :smirk:

This is what I’ve been slowly getting too. I don’t post as much as I used too. I stepped away from this place for about a week.

I also fire up the oldies. TPS, BL2 and the original. I still play them all. When BL3 gets to be too much with the shenanigans, I fire up TPS and introduce Scavs to my Flayer. :cowboy_hat_face:


I understand what you were saying and it’s true I am venting a little bit. But I think you misunderstood me. I know we were getting additional content…at some point. And am grateful for the additions…although…once again…these additions should probably been in the games original design. But hey…they fixed it so I am happy.

But today would have been the absolute perfect time to give some more info about future DLCs…and soften the obvious “clever” idea to only give 3 points for a new cap increase

Events are great…no question. But they are not DLCs and to give guardian ranks the switch that speed runners need for competitions and time trials…without even mentioning future raids?? Huh??

Not to mention that today’s announcements just TOTALLY invalidates a wonderful little Red Chest Event.

Today ultimately reminded me of all the things I disliked about the way Bungie runs Destiny 2

And darned if GB didn’t take a page right out of their playbook.

I am just flat disappointed…my favorite game has stooped to incrementally slow rolling with very little reward…For a LOT of effort.

They can salvage this…a sold Pax announcement of future content and a road map would help tremendously…that and another immediate Takedown being added…free to all. But at this point…I’m worried.


I hadn’t read the sticky the first time around, but hey, here’s this:

From here.

r.e. “invalidating” the current event, I disagree. Three levels isn’t going to break everyone’s gear. I’m absolutely stomping M3 as Zane and the current event has really helped that. But I do understand that people have different builds, and different levels of comfort with their builds. Some folks also suffer M4, which I’m absolutely upfront about - I find really tedious and don’t bother with :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly try to look at both sides and I think I try to be positive. I have defended this game so much that I actually have been accused of being a “shill” for GB.

Today though…in my mind…this was just so cleverly obvious… THREE stinking points for crying out loud…and it had to be THREE as a measley 4 Stinking points would have given us two capstones …good Lord forbid
and it was so poorly thought out
And completely invalidates the CURRENT wonderful little event

Suffice it to say, I was pissed.

The sun comes up tomorrow and it will be a new day and I’m sure dust will settle.

But darn GB…you screwed the pooch on this one and it could possibly REALLY hurt my favorite game!

You numbskulls! :grin:


Level cap increases have always been a transaction with players. The player’s farming gets wiped and in return they get a significant number of skill points to make up for that loss. The remuneration has always been fairly appropriate.

3 skill points in the current skill trees is just not worth the price they’re forcing on players. Unfortunately the initial nerf frenzy devalued a lot of skills as soon as they started to shine so there’s not a lot of powerful and desirable skills left. 3 points isn’t going to make that big of a difference when the seat of power for a build is the COM, Relic and Anointments.

I dare say an awful lot of people are going to feel ripped off. 3 points is enough to tweak a build but it’s not enough to regularly and reliably change a build in any substantial way by adding a new feature or ability like level increases have in the past.

I seriously doubt the Devs don’t realise this even though they could trot out a number of things showing increased effectiveness in various builds.

I’m guessing it’s all about Steam where new players won’t face the wipe of top level gear.

Either that or GBX has lost it’s mind and are wiping progress just because that’s what the Borderlands franchise does. A 3 point increase is, quite frankly, pretty dumb when considered as a tradeoff for wiping a player’s 6 months of progress through farming.

I don’t personally care, I’m not gunna rage or anything, but I know a lot of people are going to be happy enough to give GBX the middle finger and leave. I know two people who already uninstalled on PC. Sales wise that’s two copies of the game and 2 copies of the season pass when the game finally gets to Steam.

At this point Gearbox’s endgame improvements would almost be better off running on Bioware Magic to be honest. GBX have lost their touch.


But when you look at it from a min maxer‘s point of view…which I am…unfortunately .

It DOES invalidate the event…entirely.

And there is just a whole bunch of us that play the game.


Lord I hope it’s not that bad…

But I have to admit…today has shaken me…to the core.


This reminded me of the original. When you got a skill point for completing the Underdome. and a skill point for completing the Robolution DLC. having to grind for them is new however.


Why even bother with 3 points… ?


I have a pretty generic Moze build where all I have to do is take about 10,000 Eridium out somewhere and start spitting stuff out of the Gun Gun and I’ll be one-shotting every boss (or at least 1-shotting each stage after Invuln phases) in the base game all over again. Perhaps also the Handsome Jackpot if I get lucky and get the right elemental types.

That’s probably the ONLY reason the level cap increase doesn’t tick me off that much.

On the other hand, I just spent a bunch of time farming up gear to take advantage of Overkill for clearing M4 zones where everything is a bullet sponge. 3 levels will most definitely break it and it took me a long time to farm everything I wanted because a lot of it isn’t legendary, is even quite rare out of the Gun Gun let alone drops and I’ve never seen any of some of them in Earl’s vending machine either. That means farming a LOT of Eridium because the Gun Gun is the most reliable place to get them.

Regardless of your personal feelings about the situation it is not unreasonable for people to be upset. Many have taken the time and effort to farm up stuff they need to make fringe builds work and work well; because after you’ve got a min-maxed build that can do everything the game has to throw at you, what else is there to do except explore the game outside of the Meta?

3 levels can well and truly nullify this kind of build.

I get where you’re coming form to be sure and I’m genuinely happy you’re reasonably excited about the changes, I’d just be a lot happier if a lot more of us could feel that way about the level cap increase.


what get’s me is in the “love letter” they say how they listened to the fans and turn around and go well here is 3 more levels for you, go get em…

John I hear you on the content. Where is the new raid or DLC ???


Gearbox’s decisions about how to manage BL3 – particularly the unrewarding loot system, constant nerfs, and non-event “events” – have consistently shown a complete disregard for players’ investment of time and energy in their game. This insulting level cap increase – just enough that players feel significant pressure to refarm, not enough to open up exiting new builds – is just the latest example.

I’m so glad I decided to take a break from this game a few weeks ago. And with the way things are going, I don’t see myself touching BL3 again until after the final DLC and level cap increase are out – and maybe not even then.


It’s probably not that bad. When Maliwan Blacksite went group only it was the straw that broke the camel’s back on my feeling that BL3 was heading a direction I wasn’t happy with. I didn’t stop playing but I certainly closed my wallet.

Well, after they announced that Maliwan Blacksite was going to scale to single player in a permanent fashion and the loot changes they made permanent my outlook got brighter. So… 5 days ago I bought the handsome jackpot because I felt the reasons I refused to buy DLC were easing up and I was happy to encourage it with my wallet.

Now I feel like I got suckered. The Bioware Magic thing was probably me being a bit childish.

I guess I’m lucky in other regards though. I’m not nearly as invested in BL3 as I was in BL2 or TPS so the shenanigans aren’t hitting me nearly as hard as the people who remain hardcore fans of the franchise.


good news is the division looks like they will have a huge update in Mar, I may go back to that. New raid too.

Have you tried running m4 with level 47 gear? Adds about half an hour to a 4 player takedown


Yeah I’ve been disappointed since they announced takedown scaling down as an “event” then they are raising it back to normal with a switch for another “event”

Like are you kidding me gearbox? And I’m glad to see people here not eating it up like reddit