I am becoming a Fish Slap convert

Why use Vampyr and a CMT to regen health in a dozen 2,000 point chunks when you can now toss one Fish Slap while using a Knife Drain artifact to immediately recover 75% of 400,000+ damage dealt? I am finding that this works extremely well on deathless builds that have more than 100,000 shield health.


One word. Rubberized.

Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it sucks.

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True, but since you don’t have to throw it as frequently, it is easier to avoid.

It’s not just about avoiding it. You can throw it at a group of targets in a small map and 50/50 it’s going to destroy them and bounce all over them or hit them once and ■■■■ off to a corner.

Yeah, you can’t treat it like a CMT – you have to throw it at a specific target.

It helps to add splash radius or TCP. That way you don’t miss.

I think fish slap should have worked like a fastball.

I found a 3x roid shield and made a fish slap only build, it liquefies enemies, but a stray grenade will put Moze in FFYL in one hit. The bouncing is pretty annoying.

You can make a pretty good Rocketeer turret and punch build though. It actually makes me want GBX to add a Melee fist-launcher.

Given that DLC4 is about Kreig I could see a Bloodsplosion melee launcher happening. Maybe a Torgue scourge clone. Hopefully not a COV globetrottr clone.

I’m aware. I just saying the repeat bounces could either hit a target or so go into the corner. Even on a small map. It’s 50/50.

because cmt basically a auto heal??

I know – I was just commenting because I think the CMT’s “fire and forget” nature has encouraged some bad grenade habits within the Moze community.

Woah hey!!!

//Throws a grenade at the kitchen wall//

that’s really rude to make assumptions like that

//Throws grenade at 90° angle away from anything//

im perfectly good at aiming my grenades

//Throws grenade at feet while jumping over Gramma//

I know exactly how to aim

//Shoots Plaguebearer straight up//

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I miss the good old days of BL2’s fastball.

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Exactly. The Chad of grenades.

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If only the Fastball was like the BL2 one. I wish I could have Pull the Holy Pin on my Axton.