I am concerned about Battleborns population (PC)

WHY are Gearbox just sitting on their hands not fixing the matchmaking system AND REGION system ASAP? (ON PC) This is causing them to lose (PC) players. Why? Because other games have instant queue pops, have specific servers available to select IN THE PLAYERS REGION, or the choice to play in other regions. NOT forced to sit and wait for hours on end.

Why do I and MANY other players have to wait HOURS to get a pvp game happening on PC? I am in Australia and have even given up on playing in my own region because waiting over 3 hours to get a game and this is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Why don’t you feel threatened by any of the other games that are above your player numbers on the steam list as is easily seen on this link: https://steamdb.info/graph/ and pull your finger out and do something about it as I have watched Battleborn slide down this list and I am disgusted at your lack of enthusiasm and effort to re-coup (PC) players from across the world. Where is the advertising? I have seen at EB games that the game has a price drop already. Is this supposed to get people excited about your product?

And I am not the only one, from outside of these forums is this, https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4joc4u/concerned_about_battleborns_population/

And there are more - it is just not good enough that this is occurring and that you as a company are letting this happen.

As posted on the official Battleborn Twitter today:

“Heads up #Battleborn! We’ve made an improvement to matchmaking that should shorten wait times for people experiencing long queues.”

Queues haven’t seen much improvement to me on PS4 at least (also in Australia)…

Though I’ve been watching someone else in my household give it a shot today…

Because I’ve given up on Battleborn for my first time since release, as it’s just brought me to the point that I’m starting to feel I’m the problem… My negativity seems like it’s making the queue slower, haha…

I would like to know “how” they improved matchmaking to apparently shorten the queue…
As all I’ve seen is more command 2’s being matched with command 100’s…
So they simply opened up the pool of whom gets matched with who more, no more attempts at an even match up?

I’m feeling more cheery just watching on today, than I have been queuing up/attempting to get a match these last couple of days…

Love/hate relationship with Battleborn… I just, we just, need a break from each other… Hoping we can both grow, improve and resolve our troubles, until next time, haha.

Hours? If you are in queue for more than a few minutes, you should exit and requeue. Never had to wait more than 3-4 minutes (US). If it’s a region thing, maybe change your download region for Steam.

Well I think ranting around in capslock is not making anything better either…

Competition is fierce at the moment, very fierce. In all my years of gaming, I never been in the middle of gaming marketing competition this crazy. but I know for sure that gearbox is not just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Gearbox, they are fighters and they will fight for their product. So don’t worry about it dood, the game will be fine.

I’m vegan.

PS: You want them to fight? To advertise their game more? If you are a fan why ranting and cursing instead of doing something productive? Like making a stream promoting BB, doing fanart to get the word out? Why pretending a whole company is just lazy and careless, just because your experience is unsatisfactional so far?
Sorry for all the metaphorical questions, but I think you should cool down a bit and ask yourself these questions.
If people want BB to succeed they should stop ranting & spitting venom.


I’m just gonna copy this and paste it everywhere lol

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Hehe, now I read it the 3rd time the post sounds a bit toxic itself, but I guess theres no way to ask metaphorical questions without a supposebly sarcastic undertone… I can already smell cute animal pics coming this way >.<

To the OP: this post was not ment to be sarcastic or mean - I just think you expressed your concerns in a rather mean and sarcastic way…

I think for a lot of players the cracks are beginning to show and they’ve just moved on.

The cc is ridiculous, there’s no real way to mitigate it. No counters, no meaningful counter measures or diminishing returns, roots-are-stuns-are-silences-are-binds.

The game has no cc kung-fu at all.

RNG gear is just a bad idea for PvP, some characters are simply not viable without it, others become godlike.

Not that they aren’t working on it, it just needs a lot of work.


Doesn’t Australia suffer with online connectivity in every game ever though?

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I wasn’t going to mention it, but you know what? I feel your pain. The last few nights it’s been taking some time to get PvP matches. Couldn’t get a capture last night. 2 out of 3 times, unless it’s later at night, I can’t get a full 5 man PvE.
I’ve been watching the stats on steam during afternoon and night and according to steams own site, the stats show BB under 3000 players online. A few times I don’t know the exact number because their list only showed me the top 100 but I know it was below 2500 players.

Trust me when I say this though, "They KNOW they have a problem on their hand to get he pc population going."
The sale to “celebrate” the release of Alani in my opinion was a pr move to try and get their numbers up. If you flat out said, “we need to get the PC population going” you’d have a nightmare and probably turn off people buying the game.

I love this game though and I really do hope they figure something out. I’m finding myself not wanting to play it though because there’s only so many times I can run through the story mode and only so much time at night to game. Spending it staring at a bunch of swirling circles is not fun.

Now that I’ve said that last part out loud, it’s a vicious cycle if you think about it.
Unfair matchmaking/Long queues = Players frustrated and leaving
…leads to…
Fewer players playing, which leads to longer queues, which leads to more unfair matching = Players frustrated and leaving.
…leads to…
See where I’m going with this?


To add onto these points, word of mouth is an incredibly powerful way of getting people into a game you like. One such example of this can be attributed to games like Minecraft and Undertale, both of which had a passionate fanbase that pumped out boatloads of fan content and helped spread the game by talking about it.

If Gearbox is doing a poor job getting the game out to people, yet you feel like it deserves more people to play on it, then do Battleborn a favor by getting out there and talk about it. Tell your friends how it’s a fun FPS MOBA hybrid, akin to Gigantic. Start a livestream of your gameplay, you can attract some people into it if you’re a damn good player. Make some fanarts of your favorite heroes (R34 counts, but that will only show up in smaller circles). Create videos, heartfelt or funny, using your favorite heroes. Hell, use memes if you have to. Pretty much anything positive related to Battleborn would help get it’s name out.


Hehe now I feel stupid tht I did not mention this possibility of advertising :smile: - Positive recommendations are truly the easiest & best way to get more people on board.

I told 3 customers in my store about it (we came to talk about BL and the chatter carried on^^) and 2 of them bought BB and we play together.
Not to mention that many RL-friends who visited us duringthe Beta were mindblown and jumped onto the hypetrain with us.

Love that one! :smile: Already saw neat Phoene motivationals^^

I think (PC-) gamers should think twice about following metaphorical questions if they want to raise complains at GBX / or ANY game developers:

  1. Can GBX change the game at instant to be compatible with your specific built rig/PC?
  2. Is GBX in the position to fix your internet connection? Or better -
  3. Can GBX fix the internet?
  4. Can GBX fix people? (cheaters, asshole behaviour, early surrender/leaving)

If these 4 questions are answered with “yes” we have the conclusion to an ancient question:
Who is God? = GBX.

I don´t think GBX is god/a high being able to manipulate reality. Therefore I don´t see why people turn to GBX to change problems on such a scale.

this is the main thing that needs to stop i cant tell you how many times ive been attacked by people when others ask whats good and bad about bb thank god it doesnt happen on forums very often

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I feel you… I think it happens so often because many poeple mistake a personal opinion for a fact. If they get corrected or telled that their concern is “only” a personal issue/opinion they get mad and start to “make a point” where is none needed.
Best is when these people start insulting others by “means of expressing their opinion covered by freedom of speech”… like insults or senseless demands are a brave and noble deed, fighting for freedom of speech while attacking others at random lol

Stay cute and positive - play videogames! :heart:

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Interesting because this is the worst matchmaking today I’ve yet to experience on the PC. (America)

You know I read this thread and I instinctively go look at active players on steam and I was surprised.

3,574 In-Game that’s the highest I have seen it in quite a time and I am very happy about this.

I was just talking to someone about this an hour ago. I’ve never seen it over 3000 before and that showed promise. But let’s take a step back and be realistic here. It’s a holiday weekend on a Saturday night for a game that is in its first month of release and currently 40% off. And it’s just shy of 3100 right now as I post this.
Honestly, I would have expected 2 or 3 times that at this point.
It’s so damn frustrating to see numbers like that when you want this game to be much bigger than it is right now.

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While that’s true but with the little advertisement this game got and how little focus was put in it before/after release lets take a quick look at how people could’ve looked at this sale and known what this game even was or hell even know about the sale in the first place. If they don’t know a game they will simply skip past it and unless you know to search “Battleborn” you won’t find this game any other way.

Damn, didn’t know it was this bad on PC. I play xbox one and while it’s not quite as bad as all that, it is getting worse and not better I’m affraid. I’m seeing more and more disconnects and matchmaking is still a major problem. (A level 2 should not be going against a level 100 ever,yes this stuff does matter) I think it’s funny how I look at these problems and then look at how someone quotes Gearbox as proof that they’re fixed, simply because they said it was fixed…but it’s really not.