I am done, fun while it lasted

Was loving the game, level 50 Fl4k
Enjoying tvhm , went to join my friend and boom
Character gone
No way to get it back and now I’m done
All them hours for nothing, I’ve never seen a game just delete your character before what a joke

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Are you on pc

Nope, PlayStation
I know it’s happening on pc a lot,
Went to join my friend got to the character select screen and my Fl4k was just gone and now I can’t get it back

Did you see if your cloud save file was still there? Through EGS launcher?

I would open a ticket with GBS and see if they can get it back for you

I’ve tried everything, even did a cloud save reset and nothing

They said there is nothing they can do

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Great game but I can’t bring my self to put any more hours in to another character when this could just happen again

That’s a shame. When i hit level 50 i couldn’t start a new game with another character, maybe after a break you’d want to play again.

Maybe one day, it is a shame was really looking forward to bl3 for a long time

Hard to believe that this could even happen to people… Sorry that it happened to you. Ive been in these forums since launch and just like you said, i just feel like at any moment all of my progress is going to be gone, or my bank atleast.

I’ll be making a copy of my save file when I get home, that’s for sure.

Maybe someone here who has a lvl 50 fl4k can share theirs with you? If you want a lvl 50 Amara, I’d share mine.

I would appreciate that but I was not aware you could even share? How would we do this

Shoot me a message and we can talk about it there.

How can you make a copy of your save file? I’m worried about losing my progress and I don’t really have alot of time w/ work to make up losing an entire character.

You need to go into your bl3 folder where the game saves your gamesave file. The path looks something like this:

C:\Users\userfolder\OneDrive\Documents\my games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

Once there, you’ll see another folder with lots of numbers and letters. Open it, right click on your game save, then copy and paste where ever you want. I would make a copy in a different location to make sure you don’t lose it.

How would I do that if i’m an xbox 1 player ?

That’s a good question on xbox. I’m on PC, so I don’t really know how it would work on xbox. But my save folder is automatically backed up to my onedrive cloud storage. So I have three redundant file saves just in case. I’m sure there’s an option on the Xbox to backup your saves game files to the cloud.

Dang. just in case i copied my save game file.

was hoping they were going server based saves to reduce future cheating. guess not.

I haven’t lost my whole game file (tho, I did lose some skins) but I think this might work on PS4, at least:

When the application is closed, use the Option Button (the skinny little one to the right of the touchpad). A menu will appear. Choose the selection Upload/Download Saved Data.

This will let you upload the saved data from your last saved game session. If your BL3 cloud file disappears, I believe (but am not sure, someone who has lost their stuff will have to let us know if it works) you should be able to download the saved data and restart your game from that point.

Fingers crossed.