I am done, fun while it lasted

OK bois {and Psycho Girls},
(Pc Version)
The launcher of BL3 on Pc (Epic Games Launcher) had a pop up today asking whether or not you wanted to load from a cloud save or from local storage. i chose cloud storage curious because i didn’t remember saving a cloud save. like most other games you can switch between cloud saves and local data saves. However upon my selection i was not met by a “Are you sure? This will Overwrite all Data” or a “Warning You are about to ■■■■ your shizz up”. Instead when loading up the game i was met by a level 7 character that i’d created on my first day of having bl3. I checked to see if i could recover my data from my original LEVEL 34 character with 60+ hours played. It was overwritten by epic games because they didn’t express the fact that they’d be overwriting all data instead of allowing players to switch between local and cloud. Therefore i sent them this following support ticket.
Forgive my foul language because i’m beyond heated

"My problem is your utter lack of care. I was given a choice of data to use for Borderlands 3. I didn’t realize i had 2 save files. I chose the wrong save file believing that i could switch to local saves at any time. why didnt you give a warning? an “Are you sure about this? This will Overwrite your data” was all that was needed. I was legitimately disappointed from the moment i downloaded BL3 and found out the launcher would be from Epic Games and it’s quite obvious that i was right to be. You’ve really outdone yourselves.I never would’ve thought that I’d have to make sure my save files were safe from a company that didn’t even create the game. I feel like getting a refund now. i went from level 34 to level 7. 60+ hours worth of playtime. If you can find a way to save others from what happened to me instead of changing your help page from “uh it’s your fault, so make sure you choose the right save file” to ANYTHING that’ll help that’d be ■■■■■■■ great.
Don’t even get me started on how all of my keys were wasted.

Thank You Careless Imbeciles

Ps: Forgive me I’m quite irritated and mad, but you guys are just straight up dumb if you thought that was a good idea to start with. Like who the hell doesn’t get to switch between save locations instead of overwriting alll save files? Who does that? AND Who does that without a ■■■■■■■ Warning?

And PLEASE don’t get mad that i’m calling you out because your launcher is faulty. just get it fixed. making it possible to switch between locally stored and cloud based would be great, Pumpkin. Thanks"

Whether or not this will be fruitful i have no idea, but id like to let people know that if this has happened to you then speak up. i know for some people it’s no big deal but this is the equivalent of them being mcdonalds window workers looking at the food you just bought, dropping the food that you ordered on the ground, then saying oops sorry but that’s your fault you should’ve been holding it tighter.

Wait, so you made a cloud back up before and your character is still gone?!

my cloud save was the level 7 character and locallly stored was level 34

Damn… Really sucks man, I’m sorry.

thanks i’m dying on the inside rn. i appreciate it though

I had a very similar issue with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. They absolutely will not refund your money even if their stupid DRM causes a game breaking bug. That was also 60+ hours down the drain. Can’t even bring myself to play it again. Waste of cash.

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Update: still love the game now level 50 Zain

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Cloud save reset? Like you deleted your cloud file? That’s probably why your character is gone.

wow, youmad? Diablo 3, 5 years ago, provided you with 2 warning screen before loading a cloud save. It happens, people make mistakes.

The warning prompt is there when the two options are presented. Not sure if you bothered to read. I had the panel come up a few times for me on PC when I was doing some offline farming but I never had it delete anything for me because I always chose the right option :).

Can’t make it up :laughing::laughing::laughing:

This is why you should always back your save up in the cloud through ps plus or back it up on a usb drive. I am also on ps4 and have not had this happen. Sorry man.

well i don’t pick the cloud save until i back up my local save.

but 60 hours lost? sorry between bl1 & bl2 i have nearly 2300 hours played on steam. So losing 60 hours is really not that bad.
Though it sucks to restart, you have been through the maps so less time to get there. You might want more of each toon. Lastly if you are not at level 50 why bother with golden keys?

I would like to remind forum users to read the rules before they choose to berate other users for their misfortune, or how they perceive their actions.

Let’s curb our opinions of other users.

seriously with these kinds of problems I ll have zero remorse to use the editor once it becomes available as long as Gearbox allows it (did for BL2). On my last coop run my wife glitched out after the Troy fight and missed out on all the loot…little stuff like that happens all the time

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